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  1. Thank you Petesie. Fairly expensive I guess. MacBook price range.
  2. Is this available in Thailand now? If so what is the selling price?
  3. I think what he meant was for over flights. According to that Notam only flights operating to those airports have been allowed to operate and even for that they have restricted entry and exit points. But I think this Notam will be cancelled tomorrow and they will open the air space for over flights. As for TG, yes they are not responsible for clearance of their over flights and it seems China has opened their air space for TG flights.
  4. May I comment on it LJ? ICAO has routes established just the same as highways on the road. So airlines will have to stick to those and they also have mandatory reporting points on those routes which are called airways. I guess the main reason why Pakistan closed the airspace could be that they did not want anyone sneaking in behind or hiding behind a civil aircraft though civil aircraft has transponders which gives all their information. I hope things will calm down now with Pakistan offering to release the pilot.
  5. It's very surprising given that Utapao airport charges are lower than BKK and DMK. Maybe the traffic still has not picked up for the Airlines to reduce the fares?
  6. A couple of issues to highlight. The visa on arrival has a longer queue most of the time in BKk. In DMK it's less most of the time. So if you don't need visa DMK is better as the immigration queue is a lot less on arrival. The taxis queue is of course a lot longer in DMK. At BKK you just walk and there is a taxi available. On departures of course it's a mess in DMK. BKK is much smoother at check in and immigration and of course the departure lounges. The taxis from Nana at a fixed price is 400 to 450 to both airports.
  7. Not every airport has wrapping. Furthermore the question of wrapping gets negated by the TSA lock. Many a suitcase that has been wrapped has been opened at some airports. Especially if there is a long layover. Yes passengers are responsible for what is in their hand luggage but the issue of things disappearing even at security check by the staff is also true. Of course if passengers put padlocks on their hand luggage would make it difficult for others to steal during the flight But how many passengers put padlocks on their computer bags?
  8. I do put a padlock on it. But how many others do? Also I am sure most passengers lock their checked luggage too but it gets opened. This TSA lock is the best opportunity for people to steal from checked luggage.
  9. This is checked baggage. There is a huge racket going on inside the cabin with passengers stealing from hand luggage in the over head compartment. Last year I was flying to Shanghai on business class and frequently the airline puts a notice on the TV screen cautioning about being vigilant about the hand luggage in the over head compartment. I asked the crews what is going on and they said frequently other passengers would steal from the overhead luggage while the passenger is sleeping or in the toilet. It's happening even in business class they said. Majority of them have been Chinese. So in the China sector they are extremely careful. The robbers would change clothes instantly so as to make it difficult to be recognised. The airline did catch someone recently with a stolen laptop. They have even stolen from the crew bags in the cabin.
  10. I have many times. Anything between 350 to 400 with 400 including the highway toll. This is from the taxis around the hotels. Where the traffic can get busy is the Rangsit highway nearer to Don Muang.
  11. I insist on paying a deposit in cash. They all accept.
  12. I am a bit surprised at this schedule. The flight from Toronto departure is around 0120 or so and arrive in the morning into tpe. It gets connected to a flight that arrives at noon into BKK.
  13. Yes take the midday arrival into BKK from TPE. But it may mean a longer layover in TPE.
  14. Just flew on Eva from Toronto to BKK on premium economy. Fantastic flight. Yes is not a flat bed but like the old business class. Plenty of leg space with a foot rest and wide arm rests and much more reclining and wider seats. The only downside for me is the poor inflight entertainment system. The choice of movies are few and not good.
  15. Sometimes it's a lot cheaper to buy separate tickets and if you are flying on the same alliance then you can thru check your bags to the final destination too.
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