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  1. Yes, please help SirAlex - what are your tips on places where to find gorgeous ladyboys?
  2. After many problems with my LB ex-girlfriend was for me really hard to imagine that I could think about to have vacation in Thailand again. So, I started to play with idea that my next vacations could be Philippines. In last couple days I tring to find informations about differences between this 2 countries and mainly about LB scene at Phillipines. Seems that LB scene at Philippines is not so huge as in Thailand and this countries are totally different. But - on the other hand Philippino ladyboys seems like better educated, got better english and are not so crazy/agresive as Thai LB. At the moment I am really undecided. Please help and give me your openion If you got experiences with both countries.
  3. Thanks all of you for TIPS. I tring to found any website of mentined LK Metro. I found this http://www.lkmetropattaya.com/ and this one http://www.lkpattaya.com/ - so, which one of them is right one? On the http://www.lkpattaya.com is possibility of reservation and I can see that for one night they charge 3,852 THB. This do not look like low-cost appartment...
  4. I already booked Mook appartment couple days ago (becouse I wanted to have something sure and Now I looking for another choices) - I agree with you that comunication with them is perfect. So, you will be in the Pattay in same dates like me. If you are interest plan someting together (ladyboy hunt... ) then just send me PM. Rodman
  5. Hi Wanghin, I arriving on 10th December. Thanks for your opinion! You and Solice know each other? Rodman
  6. Hi Guys, First of all - sory for my english. I plan 3 weeks long vacations in Pattaya in December. Accually I looking for cheap and nice appartment. Mooks appartment (http://www.mookspattaya.com/) look like good option. Couple days ago I found on pook bar website appartment rent offer (http://pookbar.com/accomodation.php) which is cheaper. I think that are just same appartments which using ladyboys from bar with theyr custommers. :Blow Hearts: Maybey it is little bit crazy to stay at such place for 3 weeks, but why not... :Contact Lense: So, do any of you guys had experiences with appartment rent from pook bar? Rodman
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