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  1. I arrived into Don Mung airport 2 days ago after a lovely 4 day side trip to Chiangmai. I was met on arrival by my usual taxi driver but it took almost an hour extra to drive to Pattaya. So basically if you have the choice and want to get to Pattaya quicker then I would choose Suvarnabhumi. As an aside, i loved the laid back vibe in Chiangmai, sorry I did not book to stay there longer. i will the next time. I took some company with me from Pattaya. Daytripper
  2. Thanks Solice, have been chatting to her on phone today and she has updated photos on facebok. She spending tonight at least in the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, private room, but says herself that she cannot remain there at the prices they quote. She getting plenty of visits from friends etc. Just goes to show how your life can alter in a split second. She will recover and as we know it could have been so much worse. I myself have been on the back of that motorbike. It is always a concern for me even with the taxi guys. On the other hand it is a great way to move around Patts. I always and I mean always insist on wearing a helmet when taking a taxi and I tell them to ease back on the throttle when on the journey. They laugh at me but who cares, it makes me feel just a little bit safer. As I say, I am like others, fond of the lady in question. Found her to be very sound, fun, great company, in and out of the room and will look forward to seeing her again. Cheers, Daytripper
  3. Bob, Thanks for the reply, very helpful. We shall see how how it pans out. My guess has always been that she has access to some money. Again, her money, her business as to its source. Think she has been on 1 or maybe 2 visits to Bangkok Hospital and yes I know the position I'm in now. Important thing now is that she recovers. I wish her well, thanks for taking the time to reply. Regards, Daytripper
  4. Thanks Solice, you spot on there. She mentioned that after receiving treatment at the Bangkok hospital Pattaya she has been quoted what appears to me to be hugely expensive fees for private care, says she may have to to go to public hospital. I'm sure you know her well Solice. I spent around 4/5 days with her last January and am fond of her and plan to meet up when I return in August. I have no doubts that she is a popular lady with more than a few admirers. We have had the discussion about not wearing a helmet today but the leg injury is not down to her not wearing a helmet. She seems to have friends at hand to offer some company and help. I am not comtemplating at all about paying for a private hospital stay/operation, maybe there are others who are in a better position than me to offer that type of help. Their money, their business. Anyway I can only wish her well and hope she is up and about soon, Thanks Solice for the reply, much appreciated, Daytripper
  5. Ok guys here it is, A LB I know has just had a nasty accident while on her motor bike. Been talking on Skype and plenty of pics on her facebook taken at Bangkok hospital Pattaya. Cuts to head, hands and feet but the most serious injury is to her leg, probably broken. The question is does anyone know what the story is with hospital expenses. She says that her insurance will not cover the high cost and she may have to go to another hospital. Before anyone asks the question, no, I have not been asked for money. Met her last January and have kept in touch through the usual social media channels and not once have I been asked for anything since. I just wanted to pick the brains of any members living in Patts as to what the likely scenario is in such circumstances. Is it a siuation where if you have insurance then that should take care of expenses, or perhpa the level of insurance? I'm sure the majority must not have any cover at all and if so what happens in those cases? Many thanks, Daytripper
  6. Seasons greetings members, Could someone give me simple directions to Canterburytalescafe please. I see many references to it but not its address. Even its website doesn't give it Heading over in 3 days and want to give it a go. Many thanks, Daytripper
  7. I am sure I am not alone in thinking what a plonker you are. Cannot read anything remotely funny in your post. I like a drink as much as the next guy but have no sympathy whatsoever in your plight. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some guys get, usually as a result of too much drink taken. Also fail to understand why you posted about this. Each to their own but as you choose to post it, I am just giving my view. Cheers, Daytripper
  8. Hi guys, Hoping that you might be able to give me some help or advice on this. I have a 3 week trip comming up very soon. Depart Ireland on the 13th this month. Have 2 nights in Bangkok and then over 2 and half weeks in Pattaya with another 2 nights in Bangkok in the middle of that 2 and half weeks in Pattaya. I am not a newbie having about 6 or 7 trips under my belt so far but all to pattaya. Love the place and the LB's. I have only spent one or two nights in Bangkok in the last 6 or 7 years hence the 2 night stop at the begining of this trip and another 2 nights in the middle so I can sample what it has to offer. I usually travel alone but this trip I have a mate comming with me. He is fully aware of what I like and he has no experience at all of LB's and we are both totally cool with everything. After our first 2 nights in Bangkok we have 4 nights together in Pattaya and then he is making a side trip alone to Cambodia and Vietnam. He wants to do this on his own and it suits me as I am in my element in Pattaya and now the place very well. Here is the thing. I have a special LB friend who I have known for about 3 and half years and always spend a bit of time with her on all my trips. She works out of Obsesson Bar. She has asked me if I would take her to Vietnam for 2/3/4 day short trip. All my hotels in Pattaya and Bangkok are booked and paid for. I am abit of a hotel freak and like to stay in as many of them as I can during my time in Pattaya and Bangkok. Staying in 3 different hotels in Patts and 2 in Bangkok. When my mate heads off on his 8 day trip I move into a different hotel and as I say it is all booked and paid for. Good standard of place, approx 65/70 euro a night. If i am to take my LB friend on a side trip of maybe 3/4 days max then it will be during this period. Would you advise me to say to hotel management that I will be away for this period, I am not checking out but just not using the place for that 3/4 day period. I am concerned at having to leave valuables and a fair amount of cash in the room safe for a number of days when I will not be there. Also, I would be grateful for any advice on an itinery for such a trip to Vietnam. Can I just walk into any of the travel shops in Patts and see what is available? I take it that there are no special visa requirements for such a side trip? Any helpful suggestions would be very much appreciated lads. Regards, Daytripper
  9. Stayed there in August 2011 and again August this year. Wud highly recommend it. Had 3 nights at the start of a 3 week holiday in August. Didnt think twice about a repeat visit. Nice rooms, good bathrooms, no joiner fee, fine breakfast, nice but small rooftop pool with again small but well equipted gym. Some very tasty restaurants nearby and the clubs mentioned above. No shortage of 7 11 shops very close. Only a short taxi ride away from the action. Heading back again in August 2013 and will be booking it with agoda. Daytripper
  10. Thanks Garry, Appreciate that, have been away for the last couple of days with family stuff so just catching up with the Board now. As you no doubt have noticed I have not been very active here since joining but hope to improve my contributions in the future. Daytripper
  11. By the way and purely coincidentially, the lovely lady Sophia pictured above was a very good friend of my love when I first met her in Obsessions and I took both to dinner in very nice up market restarant near Jomtiem one evening. The girls were treated really well by the staff and looked after just like the ladies they are. Sofia did not finish her meal and the staff asked if she wanted to take home so it was whisked away from the table and was returned all wrapped up in a fancy take away box and Sofia was happy to take it back to Obsessions to share with the girls there. Thought it was a nice touch all round. Sophia had at the time recently undergone a nose job and was sporting a large plaster over the bridge of her nose. It didn't faze her at all and if anything I was the one that felt a little uncomfortable about it as it did bring some odd looks. Suppose it says more about me than it does Sophia.
  12. Famous, sorry mate but I cant honestly remember! I usually go for a sea view option if there is a choice but dont recall it being much of a view in any event. Room was not dark but as I posted previously I fely it was lacking something. I have been on 5/6 trips of either 2 or 3 week duration over the last five years or so and I love to sample different hotels, this 3 week holiday comming up next month will have 3 nights in Bangkok (City Chic Boutique Hotel) followed by 5 nights in Baboona Beachfront Hotel in Pattaya, then got a very good deal on Agoda for Dusit 2 Pattaya, half price deal, or so they say! So have 4 nights there and lastly 7/8 nights in Page 10. I get a kick out of sampling different hotels, less so the girls as I break the 3 day rule everytime and fall in love all the time. Have 2 or 3 favourite sweeties that I go back to each trip, if they are still in town. Despite this I try to play the field as much as i can. Getting back to the hotels, the only one I am making a return to is Baboona Beachfront. It may be too far away for some. It is right out front on beach road but down between Soi 2 and Soi 3. Lovely small hotel, beach accross the road, guest friendly, nice balcony with the higher sea view rooms looking right out to the sea. Rooms fine, nice small restaurant indoor/outdoor, baht bus running along outside and you are in Soi 6 in 1 minute and Walking Street in 5/6 mins and finally very reasonably priced on Agoda. Slightly off topic, but my fav bars were Horny Soi 6, Pook Swan and Obsessions. I know the latter two have recieved some flak from members but each to their own. Met someone really special in Obsessions over 2 years ago and fell really hard but I could do no more than my one yearly trip and she was swiftly taken out of the bar by an admirer who came to Thailand and appeared to have set some roots down as he lived with my love for over 12 months in Chang Mai. Got bolt on's for my lovely and a fine house in Chang Mai. After a year together with her American boyfriend/sponsor my love was sent packing back to Pattaya to find some non bar work and she worked as hotel receptionist in 2 hotels. This was genuine and I was so proud of her. Went to visit her there for a chat on my last visit. As you all know things never stay the same in LOS and sadly the inevitable has occured and certainly up to a month or so ago she was back in Obsessions. There is not a day goes by when I do not think about her and was the only one that I considered taking back to the Emerald Isle for a holiday. Have told all to my close friends here at home. Whether it ever happens or not who knows. Before my intoduction to LB's I did take a GG back home here for 2 weeks. It worked very well on many levels but not on all. Felt it was a one off thing but now I am not so sure as It could happen again. Have to say guys my ex LB girlfriend throughly put me through the wringer emotionally, or maybe I did that to myself. But it was the best of times and the worst of times. Anyway less than 3 weeks from my upcomming trip and who knows what lies ahead. Sorry for kinda going off topic and rambling but hope that some of it will be a help to members. By the way I am nearly 57, not handsome, not rich but when in LOS feel quite the opposite
  13. Spot on, Sophia from Obsessions. Spent a little time with her in the bar last year, Did not bar fine her as I was somewhat involved (emotionally)with a good friend of hers there. Lovely girl and comes highly recommended from others who know her better than I. I stayed in the Sea me spring hotel last year for 7 days. This might sound weird but I found the room too big! There was a lot of space wasted, it kinda lacked atmosphere or something even with plenty of ladyboy decoration dropping in and out. Took a peek into page 10 accross the street, liked what I saw and have 7 days booked for end of August. Great location for all the action, beach and shopping. Hope this was helpful.
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