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  1. Thanks Kwan. Will give it a shot. I know I was quoted 680 $ Australian Dollars for a set here so can not be any more than that there. :-) Cheers
  2. I have looked through the threads and searched for eye glasses. I know, not a huge mongering activity. I am going over to Thailand in June and going to have a bunch of dental work done. Others go there for plastic surgery and such. Does anyone know about getting prescription glasses in Thailand? Would you take your own prescription, have it done there, etc? If anyone has any knowledge of this I would love to hear. I wear Transition Lenses and now looking at needing Bifocals. Quite expensive here and I thought I might kill two birds with one stone and get my teeth and eyes looked after. Thanks for any input. Cheers
  3. Thanks RJS Will make the call. Cheers
  4. Ok I know this is an old thread and things change quickly in LOS. I tried the web site for Dental-i-Deas and the aformentioned Dr. Bee and found the web site closed. Does anyone know that Dr Bee is still operating in Pattaya or have things changed once again? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  5. lbhuntincouple. There are a lot of good hotel reviews in the Hotel Reviews Forum. Here is the website for Caterbbury Tales. http://www.canterburytalescafe.com Good luck. T
  6. I have yet to go to Thailand, coming up in March. But through reading on here someone has raised a very good point about staying right above or next to a Ladyboy or GG bar for that matter, Some of the Ladies get a little territorial and if you want to Butterfly it can be a real tough place to keep going back to. Walking your "New Girl" or just another one of the ladies by the bar every time you go back to your room can evidently be a bit hairy. Just food for thought.
  7. Sinister, I am glad, I was just imagining DCI Tibbs watching me through my screen, ahhhhhhhh :PC Under Hammer:
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