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  1. A single entry is of basically no value to me. I go back and forth and still working in the US of A but I now have the ability of spending more than 30 days per time in Thailand. Really, one cannot renew it in Thailand? Its good until the end of july and will have to look into renewing it back in New York perhaps...... Just thinking about it, one MUST surely be able to renew it in Thailand, no??
  2. Has anyone renewed this type of visa recently?? Since I got my visa in New York I thought that perhaps I could renew it in New York. Going to Thailand very soon. Does anyone have info about renewing it Thailand??
  3. This is sound advice. this is the cheapest way to go. If you are coming in during the daytime, its probably the quickest as well. Its dead easy....
  4. If you dont have a lot of luggage, save yourself lots of baht and time and take the train and a taxi or tuk tuk both ways.....
  5. Its strange when I got my visa I showed the guy in the New York Consulate my W 2 (which is a tax form and is proof of income) and he wasnt impressed. Who the fuck knows what they will want next year......
  6. Bell Bus is the most comfortable and quite easy. They take you to the main bus station in Pattaya and will transfer you right to your hotel with about 3/4 other passengers. Its easy. If you want to do the reverse they pick you up at your hotel and bring you to the main bus terminal. Like I said, its dead easy and shockingly efficient for thailand!!!!
  7. Just wanted to let you know of my experience of obtaining a non immigrant multiple entry O-A visa. I did this all myself here in New York. It wasnt that difficult except the few hoops through which I had to jump. Downloaded the forms from the official web site. It turns out one of the applications was no good since it was the one they use in the Washington, DC office. Forms arent the same for a visa?? OK thats fine. Had to get a "Certificate of Good Conduct" from the NYPD. Its bascially a criminal record search. Had to schlepp into the main NYPD building in Manhattan. Thankfully, the office wasnt too busy, waited about 15 minutes, had to pay $50 (no cash), and got fingerprinted and photographed. Come back in a week to get it. Due to work, I had picked it up in about 10 days. The medical form is a joke. Download it and have a look. I needed a check up and some blood work anyway so I added this to the list. My doctor looked at it and was befuddled. He said in his 30 + years of practsing medicine he had never seen anything remotely like this. I asked him to consider the source!!! He played along, gave me a TB test and filled it out. The day I picked up my document from the NYPD, I went early enough so I could stop at the Consulate. I got to the office and, SHIT, I forgot the photos for the application. I was there so i wanted the guy to check my array of documents. He did and said I needed two copies of everything, which they didnt state on the web site. He told me a store down the street can make copies AND take the photos!! GREAT that would save me a trip maybe I could get this done today. BTW he looked bemused when I showed him a copy of my W-2. I was lucky I brought something from my bank as well. I brought my last checking account statement and I had a bout $20,000 on there. He was more impressed with that instead of my W-2, which stated I made far more than 100,000 baht per month. He looked at everything and said it was in order and I wanted to make certain I was getting a MULTIPLE entry. He was helpful and said i could pick it up the next day but die to work I couldnt. Anyway I picked it up yesterday after a week. Got there at 115 pm and the office opened at 130 pm. Ran in, got it, checked it and i was out the door in 45 seconds!!!! If you arent near a Consulate or the Embassy, I could see why you might want to get it done while in Thailand. Having said that, you could probably do it yourself quite easily. Hope this helps....
  8. The only thing that seems to be a pain in the ass is getting the health documents and the police document. I just got back to Farangland and will start getting this stuff together on Monday work permitting. If I can do it myself with a minimum of hassle, I would rather do it here and safe myself 20,000 or so baht. I have a buddy that did this and said he had to go to the local Sheriffs office and get it filled out. I kind of have my doubts whether or not they will know what the hell I am asking for but I will look on the Thai Embassy's web site for the relevant forms.....
  9. Country or origin in USA. maybe they wont let us in anymore...........
  10. I am putting in for a retirement visa when I get back to Farangland. It looks pretty straightforward. I am still actually working so I make more than the monthly requirement. The thign that kind of baffled me as I was looking on the web and it said something about some "health certificate". Does anyone who has recently gotten a visa in Farangland know what I am on about and, if so, did you have to get one??
  11. Thanks Lazy i appreciate that. have any idea what a fair prices is?? yes, I would want to use him both ways......
  12. I need a little help/advice here guys. I have been invited to a little party at this guys house but its a little outside of Pattaya center-about 7 kms. I know I can just hire a baht bus to get me out there but getting back could be problematic. Does anyone know if a taxi company will drive me out and either wait for me or ring him to come pick me up? i know someone does this to go to the football stadium in Pattaya.
  13. Just want to relay my experience at the massive government offices here in Bangkok. its near the Don Mueang Airport, north of Mo Chit. I posted a thread a few months ago and what happened. The experience wasnt bad at all. It took a little longer than last time but not outrageous. What was outrageous was the traffic just getting back to the Mo Chit BTS station!!!! Anyway i digress. Walked into the building at about 920 and got my queue number at about 925. got number 63 but they were only on 13-DOH!!! This is gonna be a long wait. Waited a bit and had a wander around. Got back they were all the way up to 35!!! Read a bit and the numbers started moving a bit more. My number came up at about 1100. Had the forms filled out, paid the 1,900 baht. Retreated to the waiting area and got my passport back about 5 minutes later. Out the door at about 1110 a bit less than 2 hours before I arrived. I had my pics taken and copies made before i got there so i didnt have to schlepp around to do all that. Its pretty easy as they have a big area to do those things. its so much better than schlepping out of the country. Not too bad!
  14. Serious questions, how can there be bargains available for us Farang if our economies "crash"? Wouldnt that just kill us Farang vis a vis the exchange rates?
  15. Jim, I was the OP on this thread. glad to hear it was so simple and efficient-two terms not usually associated with thailand and Thai beauracracy!!! It seems you had a similar experience like i did in Bangkok. I will be abck for a long visit in May/June and will do exactly the same. For me.one mornings visit and 1900 baht is easier than running around to the Thai Embassy/Consulate here in New York. The train fare and taxi fare would probably be about the equivalent of 1000 baht here. I think it makes sense for that Thais to operate like this i.e charge 1900 baht for an extra 30 days while you are in country. Its a cash cow. Imagine the amount of cash the officials in charge of these offices are skimming!!!! I will let you know how I get on in May/June!!!!
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