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  1. Same was happening to me yesterday but it seems to be working now.
  2. jpp


    Just got back from Thailand last week and flew NCL-AMS-BKK with KLM, plane was pretty new, good entertainment screen, USB port to charge your phone and tablet. Use KLM all the time on that route and never had any problems or delays more than 10 minutes. Would rather fly KLM on that route than Emirates via Dubai, flight times are crap and really don't like Dubai airport, just a big shopping mall with an airport tacked on and too expensive if you want to drink alcohol.
  3. I think every organisation is going to make mistakes or errors but I'd rather have a late turn up or no show from a taxi driver than a one who thinks it's a good idea to under take a articulated lorry while at the same time cutting up a petrol tanker like I've experienced before after August Suites arranged a taxi for me, sure it was just the guy on the receptions mate. I stopped using Mr T because of the quality of the drivers he used, shitty old cars and driving like crazy taxi. If Ann Taxis did what they did to the OP I think I would try someone else or at least call her to find out what happened, but so far her service for me has been great so will continue to use her.
  4. jpp


    Whenever I've looked at flight from BKK to UK there always seem to be £1K even though when looking at fights at the same time from UK to BKK they were $400-£500, makes no sense. I heard if you find a good travel agent in Thailand they will be able to find cheaper flights.
  5. Used her loads of times and never had any problems, always found the drivers to be good, not tying to get to Pattaya at 120mph weaving in and out of traffic. They must all have their dodgy days, stopped using Mr T because the drivers were all speed freaks.
  6. Apparently they only count deaths at the road side, if you have a serious accident then die later in hospital that death does not get recorded as a road accident death so the total is higher than it looks. Another factor must be the quality of the emergency services, when no one moves out of the way for an ambulance with it's lights and sirens on then you may have had a chance of surviving if they had got to you in time, I remember been in a taxi on the way to Soi Cowboy and the traffic was stopped and the only vehicle that moved for an ambulance was the taxi I was in, so we shuffled along behind the ambulance for 10 minutes before getting past the Asoke traffic lights.
  7. Unfortunately never got an upgrade, but my flight AMS to BKK always seems to be almost full, economy and business.
  8. Had a curry from there in early March. The Naan bread didn't seem properly cooked, the rice was terrible, almost like cous cous not rice and the curry was disappointing, the Thai girl I was with threw up not long after the meal it was so bad.
  9. jpp

    Grand Hotel

    I stayed there 1st week in January. Nice hotel, a little dated but excellent location. Stayed in the deluxe seaview room (floor 9) which has great views across Pattaya Bay towards the Pattaya City sign. You can see Walking St quite well. Didn't take any LB back but didn't get any hassle from the staff when bring girls back. No joiners fee, the reception staff never asked for the girls ID but I noticed other people getting the girls to hand over their ID. Would stay there again because it is so well located for Walking St & 2nd Road. If you're picking girls up from around Walking St it's really handy for getting back to, so you can get down to business.
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