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  1. Funny how we all have had different experiences, I have used Mr T for years and never had an issue with them turning up I always tell the driver at the start of the journey not to drive like a "nutter" as I was in no rush and he would get no tip seems to have worked so far.
  2. Well booked my flight last night got Thai Air for £530 on the 6th the next day the prices are £200 more, chose my seat seemed like there were loads of empty seats so may have 3 to myself !!!! Any way dont have to think about this until my next trip next June !!!!
  3. Thanks for all your replys its £200 cheaper to fly out on the 5th December rather than the 7th still does not make sense bearing in mind the return date is the same the 28th !!!!
  4. Hi does anyone have any info on why the prices are so high for flights this December last year I paid just over £500 currently the same flight is £700. If you have any info do you think the prices are likely to come down??? Thanks for any info.
  5. Hi all how much do you pay for annual insurance and what does it cover?
  6. Never seen this before anyone have an opinion on why ? could it be exchange rate ?
  7. Hi all has anyone seen all the cancleed flights luckily so far mine has not been effected even though my flights in June have over 100 empty seats!!!!!
  8. I have eaten in some of these places and agree they are very good would add Robins nest food id always good and great portions also dont forget KISS food is great and 24 hours and good value.
  9. I used to get an an International drivers licence but have not done so for 5 years so dont bother anymore and have not had any problems.
  10. I used to buy an international driving thing from the post office but the thai police seemed to not understand it so just show them my uk driving licence and have had no problems for at least 10 years using just that document but but alywas carry my passport when driving.
  11. This is a wind up a similiar thread was on another forum, this will never happen guys
  12. I would not go again to Phnom Penh to Siam Reap the journey by taxi is a painfully long time as the roads are crap, get a taxi to the border at Arranapet and arrange a taxi over the border 4 hours to cambodia and 2 hours to siam reap easy choice.
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