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  1. Check out Breakfast Club Pattaya facebook page...tons of breakfast reviews There also seems to be a bit of a price war recently, with 2 new places opened up - Cheap Charlie's on Soi Bukhaow in the old Queens Arms at the Sutus Hotel, and brand new London on Lengkee
  2. 1500 Baht is under USD 50 per month. I thought these meds were many hundreds of dollars a month!! Have they come down that much in price, or are you using "cheap copies" in Thailand?
  3. She worked at Nid Cha before, then moved to massage....."work" of course is very loose, they all just move around looking for customers She always seemed "normal" to me Yes, has a lot of make up on in the photos, I would say looks better without. Naturally pretty.
  4. I suggest you charge SMB78 300 Baht for a draft beer next time he is in Sensations......
  5. Because the agent pays a cut to the immigration department
  6. Loads of them in Naklua......the new Arab Quarter I am told
  7. Source?? ....preferably something more scientific than "I heard from a handful of guys".......
  8. Not the cheapest I am sure, but good portion sizes But the first I ordered home delivery, I ordered what I thought was normal...couple of popadoms, some samosa, main course with rice and a bread....... .......I only got half way through it, and had enough left over for a full chicken jalfrezi breakfast!!
  9. I recently discovered Naando's.....bloody tasty. http://naandospattaya.com https://www.facebook.com/naandos On 3rd Road very close to the end of Soi Lengkee They are part of the Retox Group, so you can ask for the Naando menu in Retox if you want as well
  10. I thought IlikeHD were based in Thailand??....so they will be next for the chop?
  11. Lots of discussion about this on the Audio Visual forum on Thai Visa Lots of people asking the same question, and the answer is.....learn Kodi!
  12. Could not see any Baht buses on Bukhaow as I wandered along about 5pm.......only lots of motorcycles doing about 200 mph, rather then their normal 100 mph, because there were no buses to slow them down! Turned left into the relative tranquility of Soi Made in Thailand......and nearly got taken out by a bhat bus coming in the other direction FFS!! Tons of bb's on second road around central, and plenty on Bukhaow on the way back about 8pm Who knows what is going on!!
  13. It said Jan 1st....it did not say which year!
  14. How would you compare the food in both? I have been to Steak and Co a few times, always top notch food......never tried Beefeater (yet)
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