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  1. Retox game on is best I have had recently.
  2. The best I have found are Fisherman's out by the lake and in Jomtiem, a place that was called Real India, not sure of new name.
  3. Is that cottage pie between fish & chip and lamb shank? I frequented that place regularly up to when Punch and Judy opened, will go back soon and try, good pub grub, and well priced from memory.
  4. And the lounge in Helsinki is rammed before BKK flight.
  5. RIP, great burgers, but every time I was there, lack of customers, owner seemed a nice guy. Big Khuana in Jomtiem do a quality burger.
  6. How do I provide proof of address, as all utility bills are in wives name?
  7. So I need to renew my retirement visa soon, I have 800K in bank, just a few questions: Can I get letter from bank the day before or does it have to be on the day I apply? What is best time to go to Soi 5 office? House I live in is in Thai wife's name, do I just give them copy of Tabian Bann? Is there any other documents I need? Thanks
  8. So any update on the new Qatar lounge at BKK, open yet?
  9. A bottle of wine in Europe costs 4 euros and in Tesco, same bottle is 17 Euros, that's why I always take in a few bottles.
  10. There is a new burger place close to Action St, getting good reviews.
  11. Yes, good food but dirty place, cockroaches and once saw a rat on the A/C pipework.
  12. Best burger I have had lately in Pattaya was at Great American Sandwich Company Soi Boukaow- awesome, comes with bacon, cheese, lettuce and home made BBQ sauce.
  13. What would be consequences of getting caught with half a dozen bottles of wine?
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