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  1. Because the overstay pay desk is at the "slowtrac" exit I exit thru "fasttrack" but this time i needed a re-entry permit. I was told to go thru to the concourse and turn left and walk about 100 yards to the slowtrac area and turn left again. this takes you back up behind the immigration desks where the overstay desk is located and also the desk for re-entry permit. Single permit is 1000 baht plus 200 form filling and photo fee....3 people ahead of me ...15 minutes.
  2. Just to say thanks again. I had a check up in Bangkok-Pattaya Hospital so it suited to me try the Fascino store next door on the corner of the main road. The Staff were very helpful and were able to supply what i was looking for. I was added into their system using my phone number and got a loyalty card that gave me an immediate discount! Cheers.
  3. I have used Pinit for years,he has never let me down. He is an older guy ,steady driver and good english. 100% reliable . Toyota innova.Plenty of space. Airport to pattaya -1000 baht but i give him more. Taxi Pinit:+66 86 0354959
  4. Im going to recommend Holiday car Hire 3rd Road beside Nth Pattaya road.run by Grahame and his staff. In many years or renting ,never a problem. 3rd Road, Pattaya 8/151 Naklua Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand http://www.holidayrent-a-car.com
  5. Hi Bangkokgraham.....Thank you for your advice . What prompted my request is that i have done as you suggested. I dont think i need anything special: omesar 20mg which is for blood pressure amd lymecycline 300mg which i take for rosecea which breaks out on my face leaving me looking like quasimodo. I havnt found these or substitutes trawling the pharms in pattaya klang and around so my plan is to visit fascino on north pattaya road on day 1 so if they dont stock perhaps they can order for me. Here my GP will only issue scrips for 2 months and its 60 euro to keep going back to him for something i have been taking for years.
  6. excellent ,many thanks guys
  7. Ill be back in 3 weeks and i want to make a determined effort to source my regular meds. Which pharmacy would carry would carry a stock over and above the usual flu meds ,sleepers etc?
  8. I was wondering if anyone has experienced requests for donations from seemingly genuine people met on media ? On Facebook i met a gg who is working in a money exchange in BKK got friendly and saw photos of her at work office etc. Im sure she was working as stated ,then one day she tells me that she has made a mistake and paid out 10,000 baht too much and is now liable .....can i help? Next is a ladyboy,met on TF, teacher in sakon nakorn ,again with pics of school and classrooom ,so is genuine. She tells me that she is going to BKK to get bolt-ons but only has 40,000 baht ........can i help? Next occurred this morning from a gg ,met on TF,working in khon kaen money exchange,again she said that she made a mistake ,used euro rate instead of dollar rate and is down 3900 baht ,which she will have to pay.........can i help? This year i subscribed to Thaifriendly and i found it very useful,i set my preferences as looking for women so as well as meeting ladyboys i get many contacts from GGs. One thing i found was that in many cases the photos are a bad representation of what one might actually meet so i only use it for contact ,then always meet first and never ask an unseen straight to my room. Perhaps i should change my pic as maybe the one displayed on TF marks me as a sucker?
  9. Im going back 17 years ,when i first came to Pattaya. The concern then was not getting scammed by a bar girl, let alone by a fellow farang. My friend,who was very caring and sympathetic, listened to a sob story from a young british guy and lent him 200 quid. On return home numerous e-mails and phone calls never received a reply and the 200 was written off. I myself was approached by a heavilly tattooed ,farang ,as i was exchanging money on 2nd road. He gave me a hard luck story to which i responded that it was my last day in Pattaya and had only enough cash to settle my hotel bill and taxi fare to the Airport. I actually felt nervous as he could easilly have grabbed the cash as i was taking it from the kiosk,and ran off.
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