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  1. Don't know anything about that doctor but I have seen and had sex with a few women who had SRS. my advice is don't go for the cheap option as reading your other posts you don't want your future partners knowing you have had srs, My experience is bad 'work' for lack of a better word you can pick out in a second and isn't enjoyable certainly for the male partner. Best postop I've seen was a Thai working girl still works in straps in nana, worst was a Swedish girl who was really butchered, large scars, nerve damage, etc and she had the procedure performed in the west since you are on a forum talking largely about transsexual working girls.. (and surely there are better forums than this)... go to Thailand hit the bars and take home some of the postop girls for a look and ask them who did the work, I'm 100% serious not taking the piss. I'd even show you around, beers would be on me.
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