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  1. Don't let the LB cum in your ear, that will fuck it for sure.
  2. I would also recommend MTInterlab. They do a HIV test and other STDs for 500 baht. You get the result back in 2-3 hours on the internet. Not sure i would rely on a swab test.
  3. How big are the pills FFS, how can you cut them into 10 ?
  4. She has a new Line account AliseHp1986 and has suddenly become 21 again.
  5. Get a OnePlus 6 under 500 GBP much better phone. The new red colour is gorgeous.
  6. There are some really good phones out now for sub 20,000, i refuse to pay 25-30,000. The S9 is OK but only one camera. Look at the others OnePlus6, Honor 10 etc.
  7. I used to buy only Samsung until i discovered Huawei. They are much better than Samsung or Apple for much less money. The Mate 10 Pro is great at around 22,000 and the P20 Pro looks even better although it will be @ 27,000 for a while. If you are not too concerned about having the latest phone get the Huawei Mate 9, virtually as good for only 12,000 baht.
  8. I got an Android box but i found Kodi a real pita to use, constant buffering and drop outs. In the end i just loaded the Mobdro app on my phone and tablet and it works great. Ideal for the odd sports event (like the F1 yesterday) and movies. It's free as you presumably already have an android phone/tablet.
  9. I thought they used lithotripsy now to break up the stones without the need for surgery.
  10. I go to Lifecare regularly. They offer a 15 test package for 500 baht all the standard ones. Hard to beat at that price. Efficient and quick as well.
  11. chris2004


    I thought Viagra reduces blood pressure. Wasn't it originally developed to treat angina. That's why you shouldn't take it with other nitrate drugs in case your blood pressure drops too low. If JR69 wants to be fucked by 24 LBs shouldn't they be the ones taking it.
  12. Support is important for any phone you buy. I got the tgf a Xiaomi Mi Max which was a nice phone but she dropped it of course. Couldn't get it repaired anywhere around Pattaya and it wasn't worth the cost to send it to BKK/China. Ended up ditching it.
  13. Windows 10 is crap. I got it taken off my laptop and went back to W7.
  14. Yes i was looking forward to the Mate 10 but no headphone jack and no micro sd card slot is a deal breaker for me.
  15. Avoid one that calls herself Alise, transgenger. She stole money from me and another guy.
  16. Many people might say that but if 10% of LBs have HIV then if you monger then you WILL go with a HIV+ girl.
  17. It's easy to get over 64gb. I have all my photos, all my music, apps, films, you-tube videos, 4k video etc. Soon 128gb will be the minimum.
  18. Apple are devious, they know 64g nowadays is not really enough so you are forced to pay way over the top for 256g. So the phone is not $1000 its $1200.
  19. The 8 looks very similar to the 7, 6, 5, 4 ........ Apple don't seem to have any design flair these days, certainly compared to the opposition. They rely on the fanboys paying their ridiculous prices for small upgrades. I moved over to Huawei and think they are far better phones than Apple and Samsung for far less money.
  20. 2,640 doesn't even divide by 17 !!
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