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  1. I remember sitting in the side alley and eating a breakfast there at the smallest table in the world...a plank attached to the wall by a chain. There used to be a bar down that alley called The Big Mango....run by an insufferable prick with a Napoleon complex...thankfully long gone. That whole Soi 4 area has changed beyond recognition over the last few years and not for the better.
  2. Closed there too....newest location is in the converted shipping container attached to Retox in Soi Lengkee.
  3. ? I was asked to bring over some 75mg dispersible aspirin about six months ago as a friend couldn't source it in Pattaya. I thought it was a supply issue but perhaps it's a legal one?? Bizarre turn of events for sure.
  4. I always fly with Thai,so cannot comment on other carriers,but it seems they are only interested in modifying return flights rather than the outbound ones,on low-cost economy tickets.They will do their best to get you home once you are in Thailand. If you try and re-arrange the outbound flight,it's impossible (if booked through a third party) to make alterations so they can only refund the tax element of the ticket cost. Of course,if you miss an outbound flight,the return element is immediately lost too and the itinerary is invalidated. Return flights though seem easier to adjust,even if the booking T&Cs say that no changes are allowed. Thai told me re-arrange on the phone but to pay at the airport,as it is much cheaper that way.Price seems variable,but has always been significantly below 100 GBP. They have never asked that I purchase a completely new ticket,only pay a fee to re-arrange a new flight home.
  5. Thank you! The lack of reviews on here combined with the proximity to Baby Boom made me wonder why it hasn't been mentioned in dispatches previously. The early closing of the bar and independent access suits me fine!
  6. Thanks for that,but am interested to know if it's certainty LB friendly,rather than a drinking joint for ancient sloths (for example!).
  7. I didn't unearth any reviews by using the Search function,so now asking if anyone has stayed here and is it LB guest-friendly? It's diagonally opposite Baby Boom,off Soi BK. Thanks!
  8. Gobbin


    I was prescribed a hardcore statin (Crestor) a few years ago after having a few stents fitted,but had subsequent intolerable muscle pain and immediate memory failings. I had to abandon their usage. My cardiologist asked me to persevere with the statins,so I migrated to Simvastatin and gradually upped my dosage from a very very low 5mg to 10mg,then 20mg before going all out for 40mg. I managed to tolerate the higher doses without any side effects,and have now been happily taking them for the last seven years. Cholesterol is maintained as extremely low and all is well. Any statin is better than no statin,even a very low dose will have a benefit.If you can tolerate a low dose,up the mgs in small steps and see how it goes.
  9. Yep....the Little Wonder cafe,in the "steakhouse alley" opposite Mikes Mall off Second Road. Run by an eccentric Thai lady who had a long-standing relationship with a London bloke and lived there for many a year. She's a "cor blimey" sort. The menu may or may not be authentic,but pie and mash and liquor is listed. Not sure if the pies are rectangular,as per Goddards et al but its probably as good as it gets for Pattaya. It is up for sale,so might change ownership at any point.
  10. There's a Pattaya guy advertising boxes on Addicts,his board name there is Footymadstreams. Excellent product. Fully loaded and then some. Very highly recommended.
  11. A little unusual I know,but am seeking an uncluttered room in south or central Pattaya,hopefully without all the usual stuff like bed,table,chairs etc. A space. Somewhere I can use as a temporary photo studio and place my lighting and backdrops for a project I have in mind. I will be staying in a regular hotel but want to rent a secondary space which won't be encumbered with my private possessions or most furniture. Anyone know of a secure yet unfurnished room for rent? Will need for a month,either immediately or for June. Any and all help appreciated. I don't want to book an entire suite,just a room with space. Thanks in advance.
  12. Ribs....top notch at Smoking Joes BBQ on Soi Lengkee and not bad at Lone Star on the same street.
  13. The owner died last week....his liver packed up. Perils of running a bar. Was called The Tavern. Had the smallest tables I ever saw.
  14. I've observed the same MO,the positioning of the participants is a clue that somethings afoot but the presence of a large empty carrier bag across someone's lap is confirmation that a dipping crew is ready to spring.
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