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  1. Fuck..Hooters in Pattaya is coals to Newcastle. Just walk around the bars and there is more flesh on display free than Hooters
  2. Any suggestion for free or low cost fast result tests around Buakau? Hopefully from saliva swab and not blood. Thx
  3. From a website. Not sure why different lead in periods for being top and bottom. But with the risk of all the other STI...gonhorrea, chlamydia etc the risk is still there With up to 99% effectiveness at preventing HIV when taken daily, PrEP is your own personal bodyguard. What makes PrEP so powerful? It works by maintaining a certain level of the drug in your body which prevents the HIV virus from establishing an infection. PrEP needs to be taken daily for 7 days before providing adequate protection for receptive anal sex (being the bottom), and 20 days for insertive sex (being the top) or receptive vaginal sex.
  4. Does PrEP become effective from the time one takes the first dose? and does one take it daily?
  5. Hi Are you resident in LOS? or are you indicating that even a tourist could get a Thai license. BTW was there any road knowledge test?
  6. I did a lot or research on this a while ago and my memory is not 100% clear now, but I went back to the actual "treaty" regarding Intl drivers Licenses and I think Thailand was not an official signatory. The police may accept an IDL on the street but if your insurance company want to avoid a big claim they will go back to the small print. Firstly you would need a license from your home country to drive a scooter or whatever you will ride in Thailand so that it actually converts to an IDL for that to stand up. A car license will not work I think. I suggest you phone or get in writing from your Thai embassy exactly what is valid and not valid in LOS. I also suggest that you get agreement in writing from you insurer as to what your cover will be based on your circumstances. I do not have a motor cycle licence in my home country and although I dont remember all the details why, I have the impression that I needed a Thai license to have a valid insurance claim. Therefore I no longer ride in LOS and that is also because of the danger of the Pattaya roads. It might be that in LOS you do not need a license for a bike < 50cc in which case it would appear that would allow a successful claim. Its too late after you have the accident.
  7. Check your medical / injury small print. You probably need a license that is valid in Thailand under Thai law. That is what my policy says. AFAIK that does not include your home country scooter licence or international drivers license.
  8. I gave PT a bit of a blast about wasting customer time with gas stops, so I hope they will take that on board. If it ever happens to me again I will drop them.
  9. Just a tip guys. When ordering your cab, be sure to emphasize that you want the driver to have filed up with gas before he picks you up, and that you do NOT want to be stopping en route while he buys gas. Can waste 20 - 30 minutes
  10. If you have paid your deposit ( or perhaps even not ) why would they be concerned? You just need to give her name and maybe a pic etc. She can check in, then go about her business until you text her when you are 30 mins away and she meets you. You just need to be sure she will actually turn up with your key. So you probably need to know her reasonably well. I have done that at other hotels. Or perhaps Baku could leave the key at a 24 hour place such as the Italian cafe on corner of soi avenue and buakau. I think they may also have a locked box with a combination code that they leave outside beside the door and in that case they just give you the combination, you open it and there is your key. Many ways to deal with this conveniently. And as others say....its part of the service to check you in whenever you arrive.
  11. Perhaps get your LB to check in to the Baku room earlier in the evening, and then have her let you in when you arrive. She will have a cup of tea and gingernut ready.
  12. Probably on speed and they want to get you to your LB without delay
  13. Is Mr T still 1000 from Suvan to Pattaya?
  14. The Dental Design Center 04:32 (6 hours ago) Dear Mr. Thank you for your interest in our services. Regarding your concern, dental implant including abutment and crown is 50,000 THB / implant. Tooth pontic is 15,000 THB. It would be best if you could visit us for initial examination. Please let me know if you would like to make an appointment so I can arrange the time for you to see our specialist. Best regards, Kristine Patient coordinator The above from Pattaya Dental Design Centre which is much cheaper than the BKK top end place I previously posted as it includes the crowns. I see on trip advisor yhey have one poor review. The more I look into this the more I see there are various styles of implant supports and you really need to do your homework on this. I will consult a local expert at home about all that before I commit to anything on LOS.
  15. Most of the info you need is here: http://www.colgate.com/en-us/oral-health/cosmetic-dentistry/dentures/implant-supported-denture
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