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  1. Indeed.

    So interesting that these Snowflakes would seek to blame Mr.

    Trump for.......


    Lack of Hookers?


    Actually, Let us ask Mr. Clinton?

    I'm sure he has some contacts?


    Old School, though.

    Of course.


    Actually, this is the idea.

    The idea of fooling the Younger Generation into thinking that the "Consciousness Of The World"

    Starts with THEIR Generation.


    Well, I've got news for YOU, Good Snowflakes.




    It didn't.


    Indeed, One might have caught it..............


    Going past.............





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  2. Lets make Car manufactores and Booz producers responcible for the lives they take with their products..


    As one mentioned above, might had been good intended, but the exicution is a joke.. You can't make a provider of such platform lyable for the stuff his users post.. Period!!


    Where dose the policing of peoples lives start, and where dose it stop??

    Indeed, Good SM78.

    Though, I think if you are like my Good Self.


    You will not be particularly perturbed.

    And waiting, with baited breath, for the new range of websites.

    Duly established outside of the Good Old U.S. of A.


    As if there weren't a bunch of them, anyway. Already.


    Storm in a teacup, My Good Man.



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  3. Well, the drama with you happened before I dived deeper into the forum, but as far as I have understod, there are some issues with some Advenced Members and Mods you seemed to have.


    I just recognized the annoyed reactions of the moderating team.. Maybe you want to elaborate who degrated you back to Member+ status, and what your sin has been.. You are no Saint, I am sure..


    Just curious.. ;)

    No, My Friend.

    I meant I am Advanced, on the evolutionary scale.

    Not the membership scale.


    Thus, my place on the Forum suits me just fine, thanks.


    Though, granted, I am indeed no Saint.

    One would hope Saintliness was not the yardstick by which members of a Forum such as this are judged?

    Then where would we be?



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