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  1. The coffee club burger is the best I have had anywhere, little expensive but worth every baht.
  2. Fill the avenue with bars and smokin hot chicks, it will soon get busy.....
  3. So that's 100 baht for the sim then by credit for it ????
  4. Anyone no where I can get a sim card for my iPad, I stay around soi 13 pattaya ?
  5. Did you not read that i will seek a doctor in Pattaya first, don't be a critic if you can not read !!
  6. Can this be sexually transmitted ? Its been 7 months now and although the tingling feeling has suppressed it still has its annoying days ! Like i said i had similar feeling whilst in Bali about 7 years ago and the doctor new exactly what it was and gave me injection in my ass cheek and was told not to drink beer for 2 days. Will def try those tablets you suggested but will see the doctor in Pattaya first to see what his take on it is !
  7. To be honest, i felt it down my shaft the night we had sex, but the full on feeling didn't take place till i had sex with my ex in Australia about 10 days after Thailand, she has also been tested and has no STD'S
  8. I was in Pattaya may 2012 and had unprotected sex with a lady, the next day had a tingling feeling ( no puss, no burning sensation or sores just a tingling sensation ) in my urthea. When back in Australia i had all the tests done for all common std and aids. Everything came up clean so seeked a 2nd Check and again everything clean. I know for a fact that i have some sort of bacteria and have also given it to my now ex girlfriend. I had this feeling once in Bali and the doctor gave me a injection, said its not a std but a bacteria the local girls carry, with 2 days of the injection i was better, thing is in Australia they wont treat me without any clear indication as to what it is and they can not find anything. Heading back to Pattaya for 21 days xmas/new year to see if the doctors there know about this common bacteria that is not a normal STD. Has anyone else experienced this and how were you treated, its very frustrating !!!
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