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  1. Lost 3 days of the trip before last, the culprit was almost certainly a blue cheese sauce served up with my steak at a well known steakhouse. Later that night I knew I was in trouble after the 3rd run to the toilet in a few hours and then the vomiting started too. Been back to the steakhouse but wont go near the sauces anywhere again. The other case of once bitten was the salami pizza they warm up in WS, not sure its still there but was on the corner of Soi Diamond, literally the only time in my life I couldn't physically hold it in with arse clenched to maximum, just as I made it to my room. Had to hose down the bathroom, another 5 seconds and the lift would not have been a pretty site.
  2. Me three - anything longer than from a gate directly opposite the immigration desks seems to result in "I bring cart, f-lee for you Sir"......
  3. You either get given it as a perk if you're flying business or first class with most airlines or you can pay - Bangkok Flight Services will meet you and walk you through fast track for 850 bahts or more if you need a golf buggy ride.
  4. Most immigration desks are pretty stern...or more likely just professional. Never had a smile in 30 trips through Bangkok airport. Some of the European airports I've been through were more welcoming - worst place yet was Canada who put me though a 2-tier system and a bit of a grilling for a 5-day stay which I didn't expect.
  5. I had it done at around 33/34 years old, under general anaesthetic, took an hour and I was home the same day. You will be out of action a lot longer than a week! The stitches dissolve in 10 days or so from memory, I think it was at least this time before I could manage an improvised jerk off without touching the wound. I think I was off work 3 days as driving is sore. I think I was told sex could be resumed in 6 weeks, was several months before it was fully healed. Expect to wake in the night with a hard on and the stitches straining a few times. No regrets, was well worth it and cured all the recurrent thrush/splits/cuts.
  6. I book my EVA flights directly on their website, I've never seen anyone else selling them at any less than they do themselves - I'm paying about £560 for late March 2015. I can also reserve my seat at the same time. My only gripe is that the food is shite and hasn't changed for 10 years + although on their website I noticed you could also pre-book a fair number of different options although generally for allergy/dietry preference. None times out of ten they are cheaper than Thai Airways and perfect timings from London, cant ever see me changing. I would use the national carrier but not at their prices - you can also cancel an EVA Air flight for £150, cancel a BA flight and you lose more or less the whole lot unless you've paid stupid money for a flexible ticket.
  7. I've used BFS a few times, works best when you have no luggage, the one time I did it with checked bags I was still stood waiting at the carousel with everyone else - without luggage you can be wheels down to taxi in 15 minutes - that to me is well worth the 7-800 bahts they charge when my overall holiday costs me maybe 150,000 bahts.
  8. Irrititation....they've done that to me the last 3 trips....you're nearly there then they pull off the motorway to refuel and usually there's a bloody huge queue at the garage.....
  9. I used BFS last month for the first time - I never have checked luggage as I aim for the fastest route to Pattaya possible and the return to Heathrow is depressing enough without the endless wait for baggage. At Bangkok I was in my taxi in no more than 15 minutes after wheels down - for 700bahts.
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