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  1. Hi Cameraguy. Not sure what sure what city you are in but if you are from Melbourne, Jetstar fly direct from Melb to Bangkok and arrive at 8.40 pm. I have used taxis a few times but now much prefer the airport to Pattay/ Jpmtien and get off at Pattaya Klang and get motobike taxi to hotel. The big bus is very relaxing, much safer than encountering a kamikaze taxi driver and cheap at about 134 baht. It leaves on the hour from ground level.
  2. what AirAsia advertise and deliver can be two different things.... Ask people who jumped on to $99 Melb - Bali DIRECT flights late 2015 only to find in some cases on the day that their 6 to 7 hour direct flight became a 15 hour plus flight via KL, in many cases stuffing up wedding celebrations, etc, all because AirAsia advertised and sold tickets for direct flights BEFORE aviation authorities gave approval, and guess what... permission was not given . There will probably be something in their 3 pages of Terms and Conditions covering them
  3. good news.. free shuttle bus from Don Muang to Suvanabumi Airports runs every 40 minutes from near door 6 (ground level International arrivals) and drops off outside international departures at Suvarnabumi in marked parking bay. It is a direct FREE shuttle service and took about 45 minutes. I used the bus this week (15 June) i could not find any info on shhuttle bus before arriving at Don Muang and asked at arrival info.. Sorry I didn't think to ask time of 1st and last bus, hopefully some one can update. From Suv. to Pattaya I simply caught the airport bus for 134 baht. Very cheap and reasonably quick but more importantly a lot safer than crazy taxi drivers. I assume the return shuttle bus from Suv. to D.Muang leaves similar frequency from outside international departure
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