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  1. “you come alone? Were your friend?“

    1. vincent law

      vincent law

      Seriously I can't count the amount of times I have being asked that question in a GG bars/agogos/discos. And you tell them you are are alone they act like they have seeing a ghost or something. So when did going into a bar or disco solo become creeping to those bitches?


      The other night I took a GG to the beer garden and one of the service girl who knows me said in Thai that is was her first time seeing me with a girl at the beer garden and that I always come every night alone.....

    2. vincent law

      vincent law

      The GG all of a sudden had this shock look while saying “you come here alone”? I said yes and she started laughing. Okay most of punters that do go into the beer garden at night to eat usually bring their date with them. But I do see guys coming in there solo.

    3. hubert_cumberdale


      Theres freelancers in the beer garden

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