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  1. I recently flew Montreal - Begin, Begin - Bangkok 20hrs total outbound and 24hrs total inbound, economy, $1,200 CND, 30,500 Baht. Good, no complaints. And there was this steward... Man! I could have pushed her into the toilet! -
  2. Thanks guys. I wasn't really hoping to do the tourist thing. More like stretching the legs, get some fresh air, change the scenery. Anything to make the 7 hours pass faster.
  3. Hi In my return trip I have a 7 hour lay-over at (PEK). Is it wortht going out of the airport?
  4. This type of comment is akin to a doctor claiming that he could never live on a dentist's wages. But kind of understandable... I too feel I could never live with less than what I make now.
  5. Your money will take you farther in LOS than back home. The problem is that the enticement to "consume" is omnipresent in LOS. We are used to maintain a certain degree of budgetary discipline in the West. But when we land in the East, many go nuts. What do you expect as result?
  6. Sex is not everything. Pay your self a nice real massage.
  7. I did consider stuffing a sock in there! 555 Thai girls must love you!
  8. 555 Yes there's always that risk. Notice I posted in the Health section not the for sale.
  9. 58yr, 5'7", 175lb. Two workouts and 100Km of bicycle commuting per week.
  10. Hi Emint. Can I suggest that you buy this type of powerful plug in the wall massager with the cone attachment. The cone fits nicely over the penis gland and provides the strongest stimulation imaginable. Sex toys don't even come close to it. No even need for erection, this babe will force ejaculations even on totally flaccid penises. If this machine can't get past your deadened nerves and trigger an ejaculation a pussy certainly won't. But if it works, you are home laughing! Rent a girl for stimulation, stick your fingers in her most intimate places and buzz yourself to ecstasy! She'll love it too! Darn I'm getting horny just thinking about it! http://www.amazon.com/Wahl-4120-200-All-Body-Powerful-Therapeutic/dp/B000EQS33G
  11. Not a quick solution but you have to get in the shape of your life and stay there. Workout 5-6 days a week alternating between aerobic and weight training. Simply loosing weight through diet will not cut it, it is a question of cardiovascular health/conditioning. Diabetes decreases blood circulation thus the ED. It is up to you to increase it in no uncertain way. I'm 57, type 2 and still banging away!
  12. While sexual activity is a risk factor. One can develop UTI for no apparent reason.
  13. Nah... Mercurychrome. Walk around with a red dick for the rest of your holidays!
  14. The china man at my corner store died last year from a simple urinary track infection. How is that possible? He was been treated by a homeopath. Shame. Nice funny guy in his fifties.
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