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  1. Is the airline that has the ladyboy flight attendants still in business? It was a Thai airline, I believe, but sure that it was Asian.
  2. I usually spend my first three days in Bangkok before going to Pattaya. I either stay at Majestic Suites or Majestic Grande. When I stay at Majestic Suite, I ask the front desk to arrange taxi to Pattaya for me an emphasize that I want a limo for which I have never paid more than 1200 for. When I stay at Majestic Grande, I arrange transport thru the concierge. This past October the lady concierge told me the price would be 1200 for taxi meter or 1500 for limo. I told her that I would pay 1200 for limo and no more. She agreed to the 1200 for limo. I have never had any problems. I would think that either hotel would make the same arrangement for you even if you are not staying with them.
  3. Why can't they leave the "Indian tourists alone and get rid of all the damned "Indian tailors". After they get rid of the Indian tailors, then they get rid of the Indian tourists. I hate the "You visit my shop" shit. It is so bad that I don't even make eye contact with the fuckers.
  4. Dentist At The Beach. 4th Floor of Central Festival Mall (just past 2nd rd Soi 10). Excellent service. Excellent prices. Has website-just do search for "Dentist @ The Beach-Pattaya). Will answer questions by email.
  5. I was in the Air Force-is there an Air Force Bar?
  6. I use "Dentist At The Beach". They are located in Central Plaza Mall. As well as I remember, they are on the 4th or 5th floor. Back in November, I had a crown done. The crown with all the prep work, exam, X-Ray, cleaning and scaling, and 3 visits cost just under $275.00 U. S dollars. the Dentist spoke excellent English and he and the staff were very nice. I highly recommend them.
  7. And thanks to you Slowguy for being a friend. I love Thailand and its people and I participate in the "pay-for-play" scene but a lot of my pleasures in Thailand have been getting to know average everyday Thais.
  8. Thanks Kongkuk. May there be an additional jewel in your crown.
  9. I am glad to see this thread about Netflix access in Thailand. I have just been in introduced to Netflix while temporarily staying with my son here in the USA. I really discovered what I have been missing. I am planning to move to LOS soon and will be looking for Netflix access there. Now another question. I am a college football fanatic (real football-LOL) and have been wondering if there is anyway to get the all sports channels in Thailand, such as SEC Network (that's Southeastern Conference Network). Does anyone know? Thanks
  10. Textom: Are they again allowing Elite customers in the EVA lounge at Taipei? I used to enjoy spending the Taipei layover in there but several years ago they started charging either a small monetary charge or miles for the use of the lounge so I stopped walking to the lounge at that time. The two hour layover in the gate waiting area is not so bad either. Love EVA, especially the early morning arrival in BKK. I usually fly Delta from ATL to SFO to get on EVA.
  11. I have never understood the "multiple entry" visas. When I go to the Thai Consulate in Miami each year to get my Tourist Visa for 60 day stays, they always ask me how many entries I want. If I got a two entry tourist visa, does that mean that I could enter Thailand and stay for 60 days, could I then go to Vietnam for a few days then re-enter Thailand and stay another 60 days? I have been planning to, very soon, apply for a retirement visa but I dread having to go through the routine of gathering all of the paperwork for that type of visa. Thanks for any comments on this question.
  12. Is it just me or does anyone else have trouble booking the BFS service with cart online. Every year that I have booked their service, I have trouble with the page where you enter the payment details. I always have to contact them by Email and they send me a form to complete and FAX back to them. I just this morning completed the application and when I got to the payment page, it would not even open up. Guess it is back to contacting them and Faxing my payment details again. I love their service but I hate the application process.
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