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  1. Flying with them on Friday so I hope you meant to write a glowing review
  2. I had a 2 hour transit in Amsterdam and there was no problem. Took about 20 minutes to get from the plane to the gate so had time to retreat and get a couple of pints. Note the boarding is a bit unorganized so try not to be too late
  3. Never had an issue with PT taxis. I have booked them about 20 times
  4. I used the BFS service in November. As I exited the plane, there was a pretty girl waiting for me and we walked to VIP customs. There was no queue so I was straight out to collect luggage. I probably won't use the service again unless I arrive at a late time and am not picking up checked-in luggage
  5. I just booked for this Saturday. Got my confirmation within 5 minutes!!!!
  6. Just used Agoda for a booking using the link. I now feel as though I have given something back to the forum! 555
  7. Emirates don't charge for seat selection. I choose my seat when I make my booking to ensure I get an aisle seat
  8. I have had 5 trips to LOS and all were with Emirates. Never had an issue or a delay. I like the fact that unlike some other airlines (BA) there are no additional charges for seat selection as I like an aisle seat. My only concern is how much a beer will cost now in Dubai on the stop over with the euro hitting the rocks. It was 8-9 euro before the recent exchange rate falls!
  9. Cheers guy, appreciate the responses
  10. I normal travel with Emirates from Dublin and have never had an issue but fancy a change. Can anyone provide reviews on BA flights direct from Heathrow to BKK? It is an 11 hour flight and including the flight to London from Dublin is still working out 150 euro cheaper. Assuming you can pre-book seats and the entertainment system is ok I might use BA to try something different Any feedback would be appreciated
  11. Always use PT Taxi, they have never let me down
  12. Ha Ha, was getting worried until I realised how old the thread was! You are all bad cunts
  13. It appears like an accident. If it was terrorists they would claim credit for propaganda purposes. However the story is strange, it doesn't add up. it is possible that information is being withheld by either the Malaysian or Chinese authorities
  14. Emirates from Dublin is pretty good. Total of 14 hours in the air (max) plus there is option of a stop over which is less than 2.5 hours. Just enough time for 2 pints in the Heineken bar in Dubai and then onto the second leg of the trip
  15. I used this taxi firm again twice, from the airport to Pattaya and then from Patts to Bangkok. Good service again and maybe the cheapest taxi option
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