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  1. Just got stung with this. It is annoying, they should have all the charges up front and let pick what you want. I will probably fly with them again but am looking, as to me this a crappy way of doing business, making the customer annoyed before even getting to the airport.
  2. I tend to use 'Bell' coaches for my arrival but going home I have used 'Nam taxi' (as recommended by Hideaway) twice so far and can only endorse previous comments, lovely lady driver, on the early side of punctual and a relaxed drive. With a little more spare cash I 'd certainly go for a 'Nam' pick up on arrival as well.
  3. Women flying, no problem, check when you last had medical treatment from a female, most just have that touch and perception to get it right. Now compare to a religious zealot :Moody Driver:
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