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  1. I have been using Sandboxie for years and have been very happy. My setup is: WiTopia VPN Sandboxie Lastpass tied to a gmail account Springpad for keeping notes of girls and such Gmail CCleaner to erase everything
  2. I gave up on free services as they were unreliable - I use a paid service $55 USD / year strongvpn.com and it always looks like I am in San Francisco even while I am in Thailand. Nice.
  3. If staying at the Patts Marriott - how far is it over to the EZY Bar area? Within walking distance? Thanks!
  4. Ladyboy Lover 1 I agree 100% with you. For Angeles City, ABC and Clarkton are Ladyboy friendly. Other hotels less so. If anyone is going to Angeles, be very careful with ladyboys. Sadly, there are a lot of documented underage scams happening. While the girl may look and be over 18, she may show up with a "friend" who just wants to use bathroom and go. A few minutes later the cops are at the door. Yup, the cops are in on the scam. If have had a lot of ladyboy fun in Angeles, but you need to be careful and think.
  5. I will be in Manila and Cebu this December and looking for a good hotel that is Ladyboy friendly. In Manila, I would like to be near Shampoo Bar (on Burgos street) but not so close. I want to have girls be able to visit me without fear of being caught by the bar. Have also heard that Greenbelt area is good to be. For Cebu, I am guessing near the Mall is the best spot. I was going to hit Angles City and stay at the ABC but am thinking of spending more time in Cebu and possible some island hopping. Any and all recommendations are sought.
  6. Keep in mind the Dynasty Inn Pattaya does not offer internet in the rooms. Its int eh lobby and they claim some of the second floor rooms can receive the lobby signal, but its not guarantee. If internet is important to you - then Dynasty Inn Pattaya is not a good choice.
  7. I dropped an e-mail to the Holiday Inn to confirm the policy - here is the response: "As your inquiry, an unregistered guest must allow the hotel to collect the identification card of the unregistered guest and pay a fee of THB2,000 net per person per night per room." Cross off the Holiday Inn for any future use.....
  8. Anyone know a good STD clinic in Pattaya? Also what the costs are? Always good reference material to have just in case.
  9. Here are my favorites (in no particular order): Skee-Ball: just like the arcade game and you even get to collect virtual prizes TripIt: Extension of the website. For anyone who travels, this is a must have tool. I paid for the website upgrade and love it! Holiday: Pick the countries you want and it keeps you up to date of approaching holidays. Did you know in 19 days its Chulalongkorn Day in Thailand? FakeCaller: A must have app - this one makes your phone ring when you want to give you a fake call. I use on my Touch and its very funny.... Units: Everyone needs a good conversion utility Tiger Woods: Excellent golf game Skype: Great for instant messaging and free calls Pzizz relax: Great way to take a nap. Based ont eh software that has been out for years. I really love this one.
  10. Otho: What hotel did you pick? Would be interested to read your report.
  11. How about the Sandy Spring? I have never stayed there, but the website pictures look nice. Anyone have thoughts?
  12. In Bangkok I have stayed at the JW Marriott and the Marriott Courtyard and have never had a problem bringing someone back to the room. If its OK in Bangkok, then I would assume Pattaya also wouldnt be a problem.
  13. While visiting Pattaya / Bangkok do you take supplements beyond a multivitamin? This isn't about ED or street drugs, I'm interested to see if you take specific vitamin, minerals or other supplements. If you answer YES – please share with us what you take and the results.
  14. I have been to Bar Bar in Bangkok - same prices. Lief the above have said if you are into S&M, then its a great place to go. The Mistress will do anything you want - just tell her before u pay what services you want and then off you go for a fun time. At Bar Bar they will have intercourse - and I had a really fun time. I have not been so lucky to find any dom LadyBoys - if anyone knows some, please pass them along....
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