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  1. Ok, who unplugged the forum server....

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    2. Thaiman12


      Indeed, we all set?

      No fear? Judas F*cking Priest, Protector. I like you but WTF?

      The first symptom of Megalomania is that you think this is important in the global scheme of things.

    3. The Protector

      The Protector

      TM2: You are a nice guy. But I am not sure if it's because of the language barrier or waht, but I never understand a word you write. And this is no different here. Cheers, anyway.


    4. Thaiman12



      Near as I can figure you are concerned that the forum may have attracted ISIS Hackers, based on venomous posting.

      Perhaps we should take a leaf out of Pat Condell's book?

      If he's ok, we're ok.



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