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  1. Last week I had symptoms of an STD,. Discharge from penis, itching and pain upon pissing, am guessing this came from receiving oral as I always use condoms. i bought the two antibiotics described above from the pharmacy next to food mart in Jomtien. This combo worked very well, all symptoms gone within 24 hrs,. I also abstained from sex for a week as am guessing this infection may be doing the rounds at the moments and I don't wanna get reinfected or pass it onto another person. Doex make you feel pretty bad , but, my way of thinking is that I've been doing lbs in pattaya sine Nov 2014, I've probably done about 80 different lbs in that time and never had a problem, so it was definitely gonna happen sooner or later.
  2. Thanks Jay, appreciate that, I will call him for a chat thanks
  3. Yes I agree, I can't be sure of that and also when it took place. it seems far to easy to blame the maintenance guy, I spoke to the real estate guy who employs the maintenance guy , he has employed him for ten years and not had a single complaint, he told me the maintenance guy also has access to all the rooms he manages and not had complaints about him so I kinda think it was a lb guest and that I mistakenly left the door open anyways think I may go Fantasy Lounge tonite just wanted to give everyone a heads up
  4. Am staying in view Talay 5 who ever did it was quick and knew where to look also interests me as to why they only took £s and not Thai baht Anyway lesson learnt
  5. Hey guys Just a head up, I had money stole from my room at some point during the last few weeks £180 to be exact. ive been doing monger for a good 5 years now and liked to think my game is water tight, never been a vivtim of crime here, I usually do a mixture of lbs from bars and TF, never had a problem, but the again was always vigilant. i arrive 10 Nov and filled my safe with a combo of Thai baht and £s , the pounds I put into piles of 8 held together with a rubber band, so it was easy to take one out every Monday and change it into thai baht. This Monday past I took out the 4th pile and counted it prior to changing , I was surprised to find it was £ 40 short, I then checked the other remaining piles all short, totalling £180. I figured who ever took it was smart enough to take from the bottom piles of cash, meaning it would take longer for me to notice, also another odd thing is that they never took any Thai Baht. only £s I've had upto discovering 5 different lbs in my room and the room owners maintenance guy, I can't figure how it was done, my only guess is I've had a one off lapse and left the safe opens, what I can't figure is why they only to pounds and not baht, all the girls are on TF and work in bars, I can't single anything out as odd about them so I ain't gonna mention their names Am just writing this as a head up to anyone , who, like me thinks it won't happen to them. Second question I want to now open a bank account , but I only have my passport and a 60 visa, if anyone knows anybody who could help me open an account please PM me I would be very grateful Agentsteel
  6. Hi , try Tims pharmacy on second road, next to avenue shopping mall PM back if u need more info
  7. I am now getting the above message when I try to log into Thia Friendly, anyone got the same issue or know how to resolve it ? Thanks
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