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  1. i have flown from don muang airport before , but arrived at swampy and had a free ride direct to don muang. has anyone travelled from the nana /sukhumvit area to don muang airport and how long does it take in a cab and what it should cost ? or is it quicker to get the mrt blue line to lat phrao station then get a taxi ? thanks in advance.
  2. thanks guys for putting my mind at ease, it was a simple mistake how i overstayed by 1 day, like i said , no red or bad stamp in passport and was not fined. reason i wanted to know is because i use fasttrack to clear immigration and on their form , they say can not do for persons who have overstayed.
  3. in may 2018, i had a 30 day visit to los, but with time and flight difference , put me into the overstay bracket by 12 hours, was pulled aside by immigration on exit as overstayer by 1 day, i was not fined or any bad stamp put in my passport, will i have any problem on next visit in feb 2019. any info or thoughts please.
  4. i used janie taxi services again my recent trip. picked up from uatapo airport, no problem, on time and safe driver. used her services again from patts to soi 4nana bangkok, driver was safe and on time with nice clean new car, problem was that when we got to bangkok he made 4 wrong turns and spent nearly an extra hour getting me to my hotel, even when i tried to direct him in thai and english , eventually he listened and got me there, ive made this journey many times and could have got there with me driving instead. i was pissed off having to spent an extra hour in a taxi in bangkok traffic , and did let janie know, she was sorry. i will still use again , but she needs to have drivers who know where there going or how to use a sat nav. this bloke had a hand written piece of paper as a map !!!!!!
  5. well i overstayed by 1 day, got pulled to one side and told i had overstayed, expecting to pay a 500bht fine, officer just smiled, stamped my passport and sent me on my way.
  6. thanks for the advice hellah. yes i have taken several 3 week holidays but not all within the same year, and i have checked my passport, the dates are not my departure dates, but my admit till dates. will keep all on here posted , on my return next month.
  7. jimbo, i have always travelled from the uk to thailand for 15 years, im english and have a full british up to date passport, i had always assumed you get a 30 day visa just like you say, but when checking previous stamps , some were only 20/21 days ? my last 8 visits i got 30 days. i will now check my exit stamp at immigration before i stroll away, just like you suggest :Smile 2:
  8. my passport is british, im born n bred in london, i always put nationality as ENGLISH and not british.
  9. this is a different question to my last two post about visas ? flying into thailand from the uk, i thought everyone automatically gets a 30 day visa execempt stamp in their passport. while checking my passport today and my entry stamps, i noticed on 3 occasions i was only given 21 days and another one was only 20 days ? luckily for me i had left thailand by these dates which would have seen me as a overstayer. example. admitted-- 20 november 2015 until 10 december 2015 total of only 21 days. has anyone else noticed this in previous trips to thailand ? is it the immigration officer on the day who decides when you should exit ? i have a 30/ 31 day holiday starting next week and was thinking i would be ok on the visa on arrival / exemption . should i show them when clearing immigration my return air ticket ? any thoughts on this ? thanks in advance.
  10. i think EVA is better than THAi, have flown thai around 4 times and eva around 20 times, last trip with thai last month, found it strange that the plane stopped on runway and we had to get off using the mobile stairs and a coach to the terminal, this was also the same on the return flight ?
  11. just had a mate fly from london htr to swampy with BA, worst airline he has ever used, never again he said ( apart from his return next week ) cabin staff are rude and old, like the plane, food was nasty and was only served 1 glass of wine the whole flight, flight stewerdess were rude to everyone and treated customers as if they were school children, i will fill you in with more after he returns.
  12. nearly everytime i come thru customs, i dont get stopped there, but just outside that area where everybody waits, its the normal questions, how many cigs have you got or brought in, and its always 2 officers, dont know if police/customs/sercurity or the washroom boys in uniform but my answer is always the same, NONE as i dont smoke, i even start to open my bags and offer them to have a look, to which they mumble something in thai to each other and walk away, some years ago when i travelled with fellow bm knobby ( his first trip ) i told him what to expect, and within minutes of clearing customs the same thing happened. i think if we did have fags with us they would have confiscated them as well as fined us ( bribed ) and who would you complain to ??? bent and corrupt fuckers the lot off them.
  13. thanks for the replies, im back in the uk now, but still feel i need to report this wanker, i wish i had photo of him, but have photo of his cab number and i know the agents/ cab firm i have always used, like said before , they have always been good with no problems , but the cunt they sent this time needs sorting out.
  14. i recently ( last week ) got a taxi from 2nd rd patts to nana, from someone i have used many times over the years, this time he sent someone else as the driver, price quoted was 1300 bht included highway tolls. anyhow, as we neared bangkok, we came to a toll and he asked for 120 bht, hmm i thought , ok. then he stopped for gas and said he not got money and wanted 100 bht, which i also gave him. as we got near my hotel at nana he turns to me and says, I KNOW THAI MAFIA, YOU PAY 500BHT MORE FOR GAS, i know where you stay your hotel. i not say nothing till he stops and i have got out with my luggage, i then pay him 1100 bht, he say 1300, plus 500 for gas, i tell him fuck off thats all your getting, he swears n shouts in thai at me but i just walk away, he then shouts at me , wheres my tip, fuckin checky cunt, i said youve had it , 20 bht is your tip. i have his taxi ID number, should i report him and if so how ?
  15. thanks logmax, i know the sportsman in soi 13, i go there all the time as i stay in soi 13 everytime im in town, dave ? is the owner/ manager the tall slim guy, the other bigger bloke is darren ?
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