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  1. Flew out of Frankfurt with Lufthansa last week and it was € 501,-- including a 1 hour feeder flight from the south. I booked one and a half month in advance, but the pricing structure might depend on the occupancy rate at that time and usually varies from day to day. The case weight is indeed 23 kg. I had 25,2 kg in mine and they asked me to repack some stuff to hand luggage or pay for overweight, so i would suggest to weight yours before heading to the airport if you choose Lufthansa.
  2. been there two times about a week or so ago. The new owner is quite talented and experiments a lot on his pizzas concerning flour, temperatures, humidity and all the variables. He is on business for some time allready ( had restaurants in Phuket, Brazil etc. ) and took over the place as a friend told him about the opportunity. He took over some space from the neighboring shop and has added two further tables now, highly recommended.
  3. It's not exactly a bargain but the variety and the quality of the food is good and the ฿ 200 is including seafood, without seafood the price might be lower if my memory serves me well. It's not cheaper than Bangkok prices but better than most i have been to and they have live music ( could also be an against argument for some ).
  4. if you mean the Mukata opposite to the bus station +1 from me, good selection and they quickly replace empty containers. Better than most i have been to in Bangkok.
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