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  1. Jesus!! That’s a Fred flintstone portion, looks awesome
  2. Nice one, will give it a wee try shortly.
  3. Who has tried the rib shack at the hideaway, any good?
  4. Tried a few different chippies in Pattaya and to be honest, they are all overpriced and shite compared to a good uk chippie. As what probably can be said about Indians as well, had a couple of decent ones, but not a patch on the uk.
  5. Looks tremendous, I don’t arrive until march, but will be definitely paying a visit.
  6. IRONicMAN

    hiv paranoia

    The air con mixed in with the plane, can give me a cold
  7. IRONicMAN

    hiv paranoia

    The air conditioning at your hotel, and the regurgitated air on the flight over will be the cause.
  8. Flown with Qatar many times on the dream liner and the a380, my preference is actually the dreamliner , I just really like flying on this.
  9. Depends if there are any delays on your first flight, then it's a mad rush, and your luggage may not have had time to get loaded on to your connecting flight.
  10. No problems mate, it's one of the best phones out there, but after years using iOS, I decided to see what all the Android buzz was about. And if I don't like, I will be back to iOS. The Samsung is already cased and screen protected up lol
  11. The s9+, just pips the iPhone as it ain't as restrictive, less expensive, however the samsung gear range of watches are in my opinion, definitely no where near as good as the Apple watch , decided to give samsung a bash , but will see what Apple has to offer at the end of the year , maybe switch back. You definitely miss imessaging.
  12. The samsung s9 plus, entry is 128gb and about 200 and odd pound cheaper than the x, in saying that Samsung's newest note when it comes out will not be shy of the thousand mark. Anything more than 600 for a phone is scandalous, but as long as we continue to pay for it , then things will not change.
  13. Anybody got one?? Reviews , what’s it like?? Just being curious what’s it like hands on, as it’s getting good reviews online.
  14. Surely the price of living in los would be significantly cheaper than living in the U.K.?? Just doing in los what you’d do regularly back home??
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