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  1. GlasgowRob

    Any nice gay spa in pattya or jomtine

    No gays here! Move on 555
  2. GlasgowRob


    I do Glasgow to Bangkok via Dubai all the time! enough time to shop have a smoke and get on the plane!
  3. https://www.apricorn.com/aegis-secure-key-3z?gclid=CjwKCAjwspHaBRBFEiwA0eM3kSyoQQswpdzLdW4YGV6FOjeFjfNyi8N9QhE5Vhy_slp3h0Wp8Hb0RBoC6akQAvD_BwE You just don’t provide it or set it to auto erase with a special password!
  4. Simple on an encrypted device
  5. GlasgowRob

    Apple 4K TV

    The lockdown is not a myth it’s fact! High end android box’s can do all that and more! And you have to reinstall it every 7 days! I’ve had iPhones since the 3 but the tv box just misses out by the way things are locked or controlled!
  6. GlasgowRob

    Apple 4K TV

    It now passes as a media player however the lockdown by apple limits what you can do! A gig end android box like a minix or the nvidia shield can do the same and more! I’m not an apple basher but the lockdown of it makes it average in my opinion!
  7. GlasgowRob


    Newsflash your not gay but Bi..... ok wait your a homo sorry m8 555
  8. The ribs by sensations are the best in town!
  9. GlasgowRob


    OMG are you pissed!
  10. GlasgowRob


    I think you are close to the mark m8 I mean how the fuck did I get it! I think advanced should be voted on by the members of the advanced section! I mean if that was the case I'd never get it lol. Acceptance and admittance via vote. Expulsion and banning via vote! OMG I've created a democracy!
  11. GlasgowRob

    How to avoid getting pick pocketed

    Don't have anything in you pockets
  12. GlasgowRob

    iPhone 8/ iPhone 10[x]

    It's disappointing is what it is! The 8 is a 7+ The X is lacking in an anniversary flagship model! That said I'm in the apple upgrade program
  13. GlasgowRob

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Well don't want to gloat but I'm there in 10 days 5555
  14. GlasgowRob

    Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

    Count me in chief!