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  1. Lucius

    sore throat

    Ok, thanks. Im nowhere near that bad. I will put myself on rest for 2 more days. And I won't touch alcohol again for a while. I did do a few nights drinking in Pattaya, must have seriously screwed with my immune system..
  2. Lucius

    sore throat

    That's something Im a bit affraid of. Just managed to see a doc. He told me it's viral and not to worry. Just rest a bit more. It's just that I've had plenty of colds and none of them were like this.. How fatigued were you, when you had mono. I feel fatigued, but can still function ok. Legs feel a bit heavy and tired, but I can deal and push through. Which is probably what I should not do.. It honestly does not feel as bad as an accute cold, but it just persists..
  3. Lucius

    sore throat

    It's not that bad. Low grade pain and discomfort.. Just does not look good, looks like strep to me, but many things do.. No time today, but have talked to hotel owner and she'll give me a ride to bk-hospital tomorrow. It's been the same for 12 days, I can't see it escalate all of a sudden. Ive been raised under dutch medical care, where if you go see a doctor with a sore throat, all you get is a lecture on rising medical expenses. Perhaps not if I tell m Ive been sucking lb cock in Pattaya though.
  4. Lucius

    sore throat

    Been having a sore throat and a bit of a cough for 12 days now. Had a cold just last month, so pretty sure that's not it. Symptoms are strange. Throat mostly low grade ache during the day, acting up at night. No really noticible swollen lymph nodes. Chills and sweats sometimes, but sporadic, no real fever. Throat does not look good, all white and pussy. Coughing up flem. No sinus issues. Symptoms haven't gotten much worse, nor any better since it started. I have felt rather fatigued all the time.. Anybody experienced anything like it? Could it be gonorrhoea/Chlamidia of the throat? No symptoms in the netherregions. Probably visiting hospital tomorrow, curious what this could be, never experienced anything like it. Never had a std before.
  5. Lucius

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    In my experience swapping saliva with gg's and lb's on a daily basis are often the cause for throat/nose problems. But yeah if anybody asks, it's the bloody aircon..
  6. Lucius

    Tip to avoid travellers stomach

    Works if it's bacterial, which is about 80% of the cases. Giardia is also quite common, I've had it a few times. It causes a distinct smell, so it's now easy for me to know if I have Giardiasis. For that Cipro won't work, take Tinidazole (or metronidazole).. When in doubt or in case of managable symptoms I would be conservative with cipro as it destroys your intestinal flora.
  7. Lucius

    Tip to avoid travellers stomach

    Belief is a powerfull thing, no point in trying to argue against it with facts.. It's a crap shoot as far as I'm concerned. Eat healthy, eat at places that get plenty of customers/look decent, don't drink to much, get enough sleep and hope you won't catch anything.
  8. Lucius

    Tip to avoid travellers stomach

    Stomach acids are stronger or better less diluted (when released in sufficient amounts) That is where part of the problem lies, insufficient release. I've known of the old wives tale about coke for a long time and have used it a lot, still got sick from time to time and didn't see any difference when I stopped. For best effect they say to use diet coke, as the sugar in regular would offset the effects of the acid. However, this study found no effect https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17536679
  9. Lucius

    bali or hong kong or manila

    For (lb) mongering? Would have to agree with funboy, go to Angeles, close to Manilla and much more condensed and to the point in that respect. Might even be able to fly straight into clark. Otherwise could be a bit chilly and rainy in HK, weather in Bali hot and humid, but not super busy that time of year, good chance of filthy ocean/beaches..
  10. Lucius

    This one is lazy and can cause problems..

    Where were you staying? If you trust reception, don't be shy to call them, it has really helped me out with a crazy gg in the past. And I've used as an effective threat once or twice as well.
  11. Lucius

    This one is lazy and can cause problems..

    1 is a last resort, but if she really is going to call, beat her to it, so it won't be her friend showing up as police. 2 and 3 are good options, let Thais deal with crazy Thais, don't do it yourself. One I'd like to ad is (calmly)suggesting to go and have a chat with the bar owner, depending on the rep of the bar (not familiar with the house myself) can work miracles. I assume 4 and 5 were a joke..
  12. Lucius

    This one is lazy and can cause problems..

    When a girl you've never even met asks for money online, break contact! If a girl asks me for money, outside of her regular fee, it's over, she's on the ignore ist. If she doesn't agree with the normal fee of 1000st, I assume she doesn't like me and move on..
  13. Lucius

    Greek mainland tour

    Mount Olympus is a really nice area, I would recommend hiking up it. Takes 2 days if you're fit and have some experience (last section could be scary if you're not used to heights).
  14. Lucius

    oral sex illegal in Pattaya

    If they manage to ban streetfood, I expect a huge trickle down effect, that could actually increase prostitution. Close to half a million jobs in streetstalls in Bangkok alone, and then all those just above minimum income girls that eat there everyday, they can't afford restaurants.. Money needs to be made. I understand the regimes issues with Pattaya and they could pull it off if they really want, with the streetfood thing I'm affraid they are biting of more than they can chew..
  15. Lucius

    oral sex illegal in Pattaya

    We're dealing with a regime that has aims to ban streetfood in Bangkok, compared to that the Pattaya p4p scene is peanuts.. Most of Thailand has already lost it's charm, Thailand will become just another boring resort holiday destination, Pattaya won't be able to compete and will become nothing more than a weekend getaway for Bangkokians..