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  1. fucking US government. What a bunch of dopey cunts. The drug war being my main gripe with them..Now this..... (i do appreciate the fact that we need a superpower representing western values aswell folks !!!)
  2. redcitydog

    Fly Non-Stop From England To Australia

    I fly per to dub regularly and it usually takes around 24 hrs with 1 stopover. This will take about 4hrs off it. I’m not majorly excited to b honest. I’d much rather a 3 hour hyperloop or something.
  3. redcitydog

    Best VPN?

    You are absolutely handing your info over to the vpn company. But there’s lots of security options u can use. Kinda like the swiss cheese model. ie tor browser, tails (i know nothing about tails btw), encryption. There’s also popular encrypted apps that people are using to communicate directly with drug dealers.
  4. redcitydog

    A Very Special Place In Vietnam....

    Looks deadly. In saigon atm. Smoke and fumes (and lack of sleep) killing me.
  5. redcitydog

    How To Treat A Black Eye Quickly?

    The ice will work wonders for swelling but you have to apply it immediately. I've heard arnica works for black eyes. But i don't know. I did take it once but i can't remember if it worked or not. Hate walking around with a black eye. Feel like a total spaz.
  6. redcitydog

    Siem Reap

    22 nights ? You dirty dog. Your dick will fall off and you'll get busted for drugs. lol. Just kidding. I'm dying to head to cambodia. Can't wait to head over there.
  7. redcitydog

    Low alcohol beer in LOS

    Indrink mid strengths all the time in oz. they’re a lifesaver if u want to avoid hangovers.
  8. redcitydog

    When to best book a hotel or flight?

    . Never knew that ! Thanks.
  9. There’s a free extension on google chrome that u can use aswell ! Its called Hola.
  10. redcitydog


    I’m guessin AR would be like that new apple ap where you can use your camera and the AR will give you an accurate measurement of the object in focus. Its augmenting (adding more info) your current reality. As opposed to replacing it with something completely new as in VR. Hav u tried the VR on walking street ? Pretty impressive stuff.
  11. redcitydog

    Cost of living in Thailand

    I can well believe it. i can imagine the novelty wearing thin pretty quick. I spent a month there in 2010 and couldn't fucking wait to leave. Although i get like that with most places that i visit....
  12. redcitydog

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Absolutely no where. Which is exactly why people like me can't stop themselves coming back again !!
  13. redcitydog

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Same here. I’m thinking bkk or saigon. Not sure i’d last 3 months in patts. I reckon you’ll b safe with 100k baht a month. I’m sure u could do it for cheaper. I’d rather an apartment than staying in a hotel myself.
  14. redcitydog

    HIV positive - would you?

    If i knew 100% then no, i'd stay away from her. Christianxx has an interesting story on his blog. When he comes to Bkk once a year to do about 20 shots all the girls get HIV tests because they perform bareback scenes. Normally about 3 or 4 girls fail the test. One year it was 6 or 7. So i just assume that at the very least, 10% of the girls i'm banging are HIV positive. If you want to have sex with transexuals in thailand then thats the risk you take. Also, who knows if she's really taking her medication regularly or not ? From what i hear the thai ladyboys aren't known for sensible behaviour !
  15. redcitydog

    Whatsapp Group anyone?

    Not intersted in a whatsapp group. I'm too far in the closet for that shit. Plus there's some proper bellends on this forum. I'd do a line one though !