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  1. fenton

    Direct Flight v Stop Over

    I don't mind stop overs. I used to use Etihad, on the return flight, land at Dublin, have a decent breakfast and a couple pints of the dark stuff, then catch an Aer Arann turbo prop to Manchester :-). OP, I would watch Etihad very closely they are very competitive on price, good service as well.
  2. fenton

    hotmail changes in thailand?

    What version of Outlook do you use? Then find a tutorial on YouTube, job done.
  3. fenton

    Best Fish & Chips

    Cod and Haddock are cold water fish, your most likely to be eating Catfish or "Dory" farmed in the Mekong Delta. Always been wary of F&C in LOS for that reason. I'm partial to a plate of chips though :-), just wish they would ditch the posh vinegar bottle (spanish type).
  4. How long are you in town for Jimmy?


  5. fenton

    Flu or flu like

    Is not true that German's inspect there poo? German toilets are designed with a continental shelf? OP sorry for the thread fuck or should it be stream shag :-)
  6. fenton

    Flu or flu like

    C'mon tell me :-) Thanks LJ, I will consider trying this next trip.
  7. fenton

    Flu or flu like

    What does a "Flo" bottle look like? Another question when you do a nasal flush, can you see the crap in the water after flushing? Do you guys pluck your nasal hair per chance?
  8. fenton

    A380, A white elephant?

    Well its makes you wonder how many DC-3's are still in service :-)
  9. fenton

    A380, A white elephant?

    Some jets can stay in service over 30 years or more, with the correct maintenance. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/travel-truths/oldest-passenger-plane-still-in-service/
  10. fenton

    Ladyboys To Avoid

    Bott Fruit you mean? :-)
  11. Nice to meet you last week

    I was going to pop in again last Monday, came down with food poisoning, rendered immobile for 2 days.

    Hopefully another time :-)

    all the best.

  12. fenton

    Contracting Syphilis From Sucking Cock

    Syphilis face rot.
  13. OP How big (dimensions) and weight of your case?. I had to retrieve someones case from third road (medium size) was a bit of a maul, not impossible but it wasn't my case, so I was extra careful with it.
  14. fenton

    Flesh Eating STD

    Syphilis will rot the body if left untreated, here is a pic before we had antibiotics. Bacteria can pass on their immunity to antibiotics very easily. No development of new antibiotics in the pipeline, nothing in the media anyway. If bacteria develop resistance to Colistin, there is no treatment. It takes 15 yrs to develop a new drug and bring it onto the market (costing hundreds of millions of £'s).
  15. fenton

    Qatar Airlines.

    Good job you posted this Duke, wasn't aware that the A319 didn't have inflight entertainment, judging by the video. They have opened up a lot of new destinations this year. Bet you get the bus to the terminal as well (think its Gate D & E).