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  1. fenton


    I'm sure they are discussing this over a cup of Horlicks before bedtime. No doubt, someone laced it with mother's little helpers, to keep them indoors and out of mischief. The streets of Jomtien are mean.
  2. fenton


    That would be the sort of questions I would be asking, seems like common sense to me. To make sure it didn't happen again. Once bitten twice shy!. Sometimes in situations like these you get a gut feeling, but don't act on it because you need the business. I would of thought with it being a guesthouse as well, she may have a credit card machine for room bookings on the spot, some bars do have them when customers have no baht on them and get payment that way. I do have sympathy for Emmy, I already stated that. You've done your best for she Liverpool, I can't see why you Jomtien members don't chip in and square it up and show "good heart". If Emmy was doing the figures, or doing stock check on the spirits (maybe displayed behind the bar, she would of had her back turned for quite some time and that's supposedly drivel 555). I was having a drink with a Kiwi friend, we were drinking all night, his tab came to 10K. I'd rather not go through slips looking to see if it was padded and arguing the toss. I'm not awkward Soi Dog, just prefer to have everything square with my check bin and there is nothing wrong that all. Then I can up root and go with no issues, where's the problem with that I like to bar hop?, who cares what you think about me, I don't that's for sure!.
  3. fenton

    Emirates fake oasis

    Same with Qatar, Alcohol is not a problem on the plane. When it comes to Ramadan they can be more restrictive. You still have a drink but discreetly. No Alcohol is served at the terminal. The bar on the A380 (business class) is awesome :-). Ironically, alcohol Arabic in origin from the word al ghoul. Mind you some people are ghouls when they have had too much 55.
  4. fenton


    So it was her and just the customer alone. For a start she could of had a conversation perhaps, just because her English maybe limited, the gut feeling should of kicked in something was not right, just by body language alone. But some are better at concealing body language than others, and different things mean something totally different in other cultures etc, I suppose. As for me I generally pay as you go, cashiers and lb's don't seem to like that for some reason, get that look etc. Thai women are not weak, I was dating one in the mid naughties, one night she rang me up in the middle of the night saying her husband was at the house, she told me she was single. Cut a long story short he wouldn't go away so she threw a tin of pop at his head, he didn't come back again, no way was I getting involved, the cop shop was around the corner so I knew she was ok. I took her to my solicitors the next day and got the ball rolling for a divorce. She told me "in my head am divorced" 55. The relationship then dissipated, I was keeping well out of it. But again no date and time on the CCTV image? and not another camera image showing the thief and the position of the cashier and what she was doing at the time of the theft, behind the bar. It is a sorry state of affairs, I must admit.
  5. fenton


    It would be interesting to know where the cashier was behind the bar when it happened. If she was cleaning/tidying up. Checking the book, or just pissing about with her smartphone (i used to know a cashier at a bar she had two phones on the go on her shift she used to make fun at me because I had three on me 555), some do have a habit of not focusing on the job and I have seen some day dreaming on occasions.
  6. fenton


    Yes I've seen this running on a phone, I think a cheap 7" tablet, would be better for viewing footage TBH, tethered to the posh smartphone that most LB's have.
  7. fenton


    Yes, hence my edit, more like 3-4, put my spectacles on and looked more closely. I feel sorry for Emmy, but I've seen this scenario quite a few times on my trips, that's why I prefer to pay as I drink because of it. But even so, date and time is missing from the footage image, that needs addressing. Along with a camera placed directly above the cashier (maybe there is?) Mentioning bouncers is a bit silly Liverpool
  8. fenton


    Emmy was lucky. A while back a customer went rogue at sensations and his check bin was 7500 baht I think. He did eventually come back and pay after it being posted here. Was he left unattended? where was the cashier at the time? No time and date on the footage as well?
  9. fenton

    Thresome, any advice?

    A brace of LBs Brace yourself! 55
  10. fenton

    British Airways V Thai Airways..

    I used to fly with Etihad and sometimes I would fly to Dublin, for the Brekkie and few pints of the dark stuff and then get a turbo prop to Manchester. Never any delays whatsoever.
  11. fenton

    Bangkok Flight Services

    You can estimate how busy its going to be upon arrival. https://www.bangkokairportonline.com/flight-status-arrivals-departures/ Doesn't stop me having a couple of ciggies after the flight, to get my game face on, just have everything prepared and duck and dive in the queue 55 I will be contacting my airline of choice (I get fast track as a reward for my loyalty) nearer the time of my next trip.
  12. fenton

    Bangkok Flight Services

    Immigration wouldn't be such a problem if it wasn't for the Indians and the Chinese. They don't seem to be issued with a blank visa on the plane and fill it in. This produces a bottle neck of gargantuan proportions and the system is unable to cope, due to lack of immigration officers. These nationals should be separated and processed in another section. Its all about flow.
  13. fenton

    Something different

    Huawei are in partnership with Leica for camera technology, but I don't think it applies to this model, just flagship models.
  14. fenton

    Xiaomi phones

    Yes they do tablets and laptops as well. They are very big in India and have several manufacturing plants on the sub continent.
  15. fenton

    Bangkok Flight Services

    PM Botafogo, he knows a little trick to get you through immigration quickly. I've blagged my way through fast track in the past, only the once