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  1. OP How big (dimensions) and weight of your case?. I had to retrieve someones case from third road (medium size) was a bit of a maul, not impossible but it wasn't my case, so I was extra careful with it.
  2. fenton

    Flesh Eating STD

    Syphilis will rot the body if left untreated, here is a pic before we had antibiotics. Bacteria can pass on their immunity to antibiotics very easily. No development of new antibiotics in the pipeline, nothing in the media anyway. If bacteria develop resistance to Colistin, there is no treatment. It takes 15 yrs to develop a new drug and bring it onto the market (costing hundreds of millions of £'s).
  3. fenton

    Qatar Airlines.

    Good job you posted this Duke, wasn't aware that the A319 didn't have inflight entertainment, judging by the video. They have opened up a lot of new destinations this year. Bet you get the bus to the terminal as well (think its Gate D & E).
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    I can not compete with your Punch and Judy show on the beach 555
  7. fenton


    Soi dog You know full well there are many English ex pats living Spain, close to 300,000. A Spaniard would not call himself Peter! You have a nice evening with the ladies.
  8. fenton


    I used to work with a guy called Paco, but he didn't call himself Francis to fit in Liverpool. he spoke perfect English, but was Spanish. Just saying.
  9. fenton


    Well the two Madrid teams played this week, could of been in one if he's Spanish. But there are English BM's residing in Spain here, 2 off the top of head straight away. Emmy knows roughly where about's he lives, that's something.
  10. fenton


    Pedro is Peter in Spanish, maybe he's an English ex-pat from Spain? Check the Spanish places for him, if your sure he's Spanish. Tapas places
  11. fenton


    Maybe he's flown home to farangland? Yes I agree with you on that.
  12. fenton


    Soi Dog wouldn't survive day time, let alone night time in Stoke :), its currently like a zombie apocalypse, with this dust problem ensuing. Its currently Looney tunes. I've contemplated a move to screwed but not much there though. If I couldn't afford Sandbach or Congleton, I'd go in a flash m8, Sandbach more for the M6. Mind you before they knocked down Hanley (Hanley is not Stoke) Bus Station it was used for a set in a movie (Girls with all the gifts) with Paddy Considine, most people know him for being in Peaky Blinders (I digress a bit, watch Dead mans shoes, excellent movie ).
  13. fenton


    I was being Sarcastic m8. I'm rather amused at soi dog actually
  14. fenton


    I'm sure they are discussing this over a cup of Horlicks before bedtime. No doubt, someone laced it with mother's little helpers, to keep them indoors and out of mischief. The streets of Jomtien are mean.
  15. fenton


    That would be the sort of questions I would be asking, seems like common sense to me. To make sure it didn't happen again. Once bitten twice shy!. Sometimes in situations like these you get a gut feeling, but don't act on it because you need the business. I would of thought with it being a guesthouse as well, she may have a credit card machine for room bookings on the spot, some bars do have them when customers have no baht on them and get payment that way. I do have sympathy for Emmy, I already stated that. You've done your best for she Liverpool, I can't see why you Jomtien members don't chip in and square it up and show "good heart". If Emmy was doing the figures, or doing stock check on the spirits (maybe displayed behind the bar, she would of had her back turned for quite some time and that's supposedly drivel 555). I was having a drink with a Kiwi friend, we were drinking all night, his tab came to 10K. I'd rather not go through slips looking to see if it was padded and arguing the toss. I'm not awkward Soi Dog, just prefer to have everything square with my check bin and there is nothing wrong that all. Then I can up root and go with no issues, where's the problem with that I like to bar hop?, who cares what you think about me, I don't that's for sure!.