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  1. peper

    30 day visa extension

    Thanks Len.
  2. peper

    30 day visa extension

    Ok and the border run is done in one day with a minivan i think.Do you have a number or info for such minivan? Thanks.
  3. peper

    30 day visa extension

    So do you get more than one extension if you are staying all winter?
  4. peper

    30 day visa extension

    Sorry i didn t see your previous post .Thanks for answering twice .
  5. peper

    30 day visa extension

    Last month i went and got a 30 days extension Can i go back and get another extension this month..?
  6. peper

    30 day visa extension

    Can we do the 30 days extension only once or it can be done twice ?
  7. peper


    Hi guys.Where can i buy Maxpro Sustanon in Pattaya.You can pm me if it is not appropriate to post on public forum but as i understand it is legal in Thailand.Thanks.
  8. peper

    Testosterone - best way to take it

    Hi guys where in Pattaya can i buy Maxpro sustanon.You can pm me.Thanks.
  9. Hi guys how much does that cost and which taxi should i take Thanks for the reply