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  1. Ok and the border run is done in one day with a minivan i think.Do you have a number or info for such minivan? Thanks.
  2. So do you get more than one extension if you are staying all winter?
  3. Sorry i didn t see your previous post .Thanks for answering twice .
  4. Last month i went and got a 30 days extension Can i go back and get another extension this month..?
  5. Can we do the 30 days extension only once or it can be done twice ?
  6. peper


    Hi guys.Where can i buy Maxpro Sustanon in Pattaya.You can pm me if it is not appropriate to post on public forum but as i understand it is legal in Thailand.Thanks.
  7. Hi guys where in Pattaya can i buy Maxpro sustanon.You can pm me.Thanks.
  8. Hi guys how much does that cost and which taxi should i take Thanks for the reply
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