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  1. mikegr

    Is It Worth The Moneyß

    Best chances to find cheap ticket is on long leave so skip the hi season dates. Like Dec. 10 to Jan. 8
  2. mikegr

    Turkish Airlines?

    Because their seat configuration is 2-3-2. Instead of 1-2-1. Almost double seat number per row.
  3. The blocking period is around 10-15 Dec to around 15 jan. Every booking involved these days will cost. Some days are cheaper but definately not as cheap as normal period. For example mondays. But for me this means i loose a precious weekend so no way. Last year Christmas i found my flight to KL which i booked November, in same price, departing 2 days later at 27th. For now im looking for later minute booking while looking for alternatives in case this doesnt work out.
  4. Prices change hourly in some companies, probably cancelations occur. I suspect in business class might be different as the big money comes from economy. This November saw incredible deals in europe as low as 200 rountrip. Christmas is a different story. Some People report the use of VPN in order to find cheaper fares but i havent practice it.
  5. Maybe a last minute booking on christmas day can be the deal but this certainly has a risk.
  6. mikegr

    Expensive Times For Flights.

    Business class rountrip. There was offer last week at 714 until 15 Dec. Then prices went gradually up to 940, then dropped to 830. Weird isnt?
  7. mikegr

    Expensive Times For Flights.

    Looking to book a ticket with departure date around 22/12, but possible also around 15 january if prices are better. Rates for october up to 15/12 are 830 and after, 1080. Noticed also other flights, they have better rates if travel in 10 days, than booking for january. Last year booked November for january for 770. I Noticed on 22 Dec that there were open dates at this price within 2-3 days. Do you think worth wait for a better deal and go for later or last minute booking?
  8. mikegr

    Emirates fake oasis

    So obviously her female stupidity was the reason
  9. mikegr

    bali or hong kong or manila

    Bali for al around budget vacation. Hong kong for beautiful city scape Manila for ladyboys.
  10. mikegr

    Skytrax 2018

    The one i flew in was in great condition but age does play role. Noisy, no usb, small 11" IFEs and no toilets at back side of aircraft.
  11. mikegr

    Skytrax 2018

    Still cannot keep up with Arabs. 40+ billions was the 1rst contract for A380s that Emirates signed. Qatar's fleet average age is 4.5 years. Last time i flew with singapore was with a 20 year+ old 777-200. They made up though with excellent service, true professionals.
  12. mikegr

    Skytrax 2018

    Maybe https://www.google.gr/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/travel/6811483/ryanair-strike-flights-cancelled-today-cancellations-strike-next-week/amp/
  13. mikegr

    Qatar Airlines.

    I did fly with it at first months of route athens to singapore. Return on business. No matter how new is the aircraft economy will be the same so dont expect much.
  14. mikegr

    Skytrax 2018

    Passengers register in the site and they can vote.
  15. mikegr

    Skytrax 2018

    Singapore voted no1 for 2018. A great achievement for sure beating the multi billion dollar companies of Gulf region. Thai is back in top 10, Lufthansa best european airline, Etihad and Turkish hit bottom. BA is returning(?). https://www.worldairlineawards.com/worlds-top-100-airlines-2018/