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  1. Want `em both GG or LB

    Pizza Italy, Worst Pizza In Pattaya

    I'm pretty sure that the extra 20 baht charge for takeaway, is for the carry out box. I've gotta admit, I had a take-out pizza there a couple of weeks ago & thought it was OK. Just goes to show, that like our ladies, we all have differing tastes.
  2. Want `em both GG or LB

    Pattaya - Phuket by AirAsia

    Thanks for sharing that, it's a route I often take when I'm in LOS. I'm just puzzled as to why it'll take Air Asia 2 hours (10.55-12.55), when the Bangkok Airways flight takes just over an hour.
  3. Want `em both GG or LB

    Bell Bus AIrport BKK to Pataya

    Dave, The Bell bus (coach) goes from the airport to Pattaya bus station. Then everybody transfers onto several minibuses & it's the minibus that goes direct to your hotel, wherever you're staying in town. I've used it many times & stayed around Soi Buakhao. It's great & cheaper service compared to getting a taxis from the airport, if you're travelling solo. If you can, try & book it a day or so beforehand on their website. https://www.belltravelservice.com/
  4. Want `em both GG or LB

    How NOT to get ripped-off going to Koh Larn!!!

    Thanks for this superb guide. I actually plan on going there this coming Sunday, so your advice will be most handy. Cheers
  5. Want `em both GG or LB

    Accor Hotels - Super Sale

    Thanks for the update BH. I'm looking at booking a Superior room at the Mecure hotel in Pattaya for only 1000 baht a night in August. Not bad at all I think. Does anyone know if they have a problem with LB's or if there's a joiner fee? I see on a post back in 2009 that they don't charge extra, but I just wanted to know if that's still the case. Thanks
  6. Want `em both GG or LB

    Crazy tattooed guy in Pattaya stabs another

    Such a big bloke, but he still needed to use a knife or 2!!!??
  7. Want `em both GG or LB

    Accor Hotels - Super Sale

    Thanks for that BH. I've now booked at Le Fenix for a couple of days over Christmas.
  8. Want `em both GG or LB

    Best Fish & Chips

    Thanks for the endorsment of the Jolly Friar. I've walked past it a couple of times & stupidly thought that it surely can't be that good, as the prices are so cheap!! But now I know. Thanks again
  9. Want `em both GG or LB

    searching a hotel that allows more than 1 BG

    Common sense should always prevail, no matter who you bring back to your room. The rooms at Canterbury Tales have combination safes in them, so your valuables should aways be locked away. A far as I know, a joiner fee is payable at hotels that charge them, if you are bringing someone to your room, whether it's short time or long time. I'm not 100% sure, as I have never had to pay this. Have a look at the Caterbury Tales website, or if you have any questions, ask the owner Dave who is a member of this fine forum. He goes by the name of Thaidave & here is the link to the Canterbury Tales thread. http://www.ladyboysp...-cafe-bookshop/
  10. Want `em both GG or LB

    searching a hotel that allows more than 1 BG

    Thank you. The large room is quite spacious, which is on the 3rd floor - Room 4C. Regarding the second part of your question, no. You have a key pass which opens the front door, no security guard to inspect ID's.
  11. Want `em both GG or LB

    searching a hotel that allows more than 1 BG

    I can confirm that Canterbury Tales does have a separate entrance and building. Also, they don't have bar girls, like you see in the other bars. It'a more of a book shop/cafe/restaurant.
  12. Want `em both GG or LB

    Air Asia promo and cheap fares BKK-PHKT

    OK, thanks for that Jack.
  13. Want `em both GG or LB

    Air Asia promo and cheap fares BKK-PHKT

    Jack, What dates were you using please? Thanks
  14. Want `em both GG or LB

    Liquid Lounge-bar/guesthouse

    Thanks for the update. As you've suggested, please let us know more, once you know about the getting in & out of the rooms procedure. +1 for your efforts
  15. Want `em both GG or LB

    Accor Hotels - Super Sale

    Hi all, It looks like the Accor group of hotels are having a sale for the next 8 days only. Here's the link to this promotion. http://www.accorhotels.com/gb/promotion/specials/crazyprices.shtml This applies to stays between 8th July - 4th September. I'm trying to book some dates on-line, but the website doesn't seems to funtion properly for me. Anyone else getting any luck? Thanks