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  1. Herberth

    visa overstay

    I think you should not have a problem because you have no bad stamp in your passport. They are looking for longtime overstayers. But better stay clean and not overstay on your next trips.
  2. Herberth

    1 Year Holiday - Which Visa

    Have fun and enjoy your long stay :-)
  3. Herberth

    Downloading From Youtube.

    Oh, then just download it from another website. Maybe your file have some damage.
  4. Herberth

    Downloading From Youtube.

    Its very easy. You just put an db level in. I use 94db for all songs and it works great. Just download it and you will see it is easy :-)
  5. Herberth

    Downloading From Youtube.

    Download wxmp3gain. With this tool you can adjust the gain for every song. Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk
  6. Herberth

    1 Year Holiday - Which Visa

    Take a Non-Immigrant "O" multiple entry" visa. (Only frankfurt and berlin issue this visa in germany). 5000€ in bank account and hotel reservation, flight ticket and you are ready to go. 150€ for the visa. You can also pm me if you have more questions. If you are in germany you can also phone me. have a nice trip :-)
  7. Herberth

    Police Checks At Air Port

    I think customs. They are mostly checking people coming from UAE because the cheap tobacco products there and the fines in thailand are heavy.
  8. Herberth

    Pizza and Burgers

    For pizza - Bella Italia (2nd road) or Pizza Big in Naklua
  9. Herberth

    Cafe Volare

    Wait until next year (i think October) they will rise the Value added Tax (VAT) from 7% to 10%. So everything gets more expensive! You pay now for a 1L bottle of black label 45€. Thats hillarious!!!!!
  10. Herberth

    Cost of living in Thailand

    Scott can i ask how much you spend on rent?
  11. Herberth

    best steak

    How much for a 500gr filet steak at steak & co?
  12. Herberth

    Current Visa/immigration time,

    normally 30-45 minutes if you not get stopped by the customs. Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk
  13. Herberth

    No beer sale on beach...

    everytime on my last trip i could buy alcohol 24/7 hours in the 7/11 stores. Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk
  14. Herberth

    No beer sale on beach...

    Only the "sale" of alcohol is forbidden. Just bring the booze from the shop to the beach and enjoy it. Its also cheaper. But i agree, too many stupid rules from stupid people in the last time.....
  15. Herberth

    Cost of living in Thailand

    The Insurance is from my home Country. I dont trust the Thai Insurances and i also think a decent Thai Insurance that covers the important things will cost also 2000-3000BHT/month.