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  1. Thanks for the info. I hope my flight next Monday will be ok. Gesendet von meinem Nokia 7 plus mit Tapatalk
  2. I translate it for you: 1.1 tourist visa (TR): 60-day stay per entry Completely filled out visa application: the exact address of at least one accommodation (exact number of house number, street, zip code and city) as well as a guarantor or a contact person in Germany must be specified) Passport in the original Copy of the first page of the passport 1 current passport photo, not older than 6 months Copy of flight confirmation or flight tickets (round trip or onward flight) If only a one-way ticket has been booked, a departure (either a bus or train ticket is sufficient) or a written declaration of arrival or itinerary must be proven. Visa fee for foreign passports (of the non-German applicant): copy of the confirmation of registration (registration office) / copy of the residence permit For children up to 15 years of age, an additional copy of the birth certificate and a copy of the parents' passports must be presented. Consular officers may request additional documentation.
  3. On this site you can check the requirements for the Visa´s: https://www.thaigeneralkonsulat.de/de/visaarten-und-erforderliche-unterlagen.html
  4. I think yes. In my city it is the "einwohnermeldeamt"
  5. I was today in Frankfurt for my Non-Immigrant "O" Visa application. Next Tuesday i can take my passport back (hopefully with the visa). They have a new German Man there, he asked all the shit questions about why i want a Non-Immigrant Visa and why i not take a tourist visa. I said watch my documents, im retired. He looked shocked as he saw my retirement pension letter ( i think because the pension was too small to even rent a room here in Germany and maybe because im retired with 29 years: Then he looked at my bank account stats from the last 3 month. In the end i prefer to talk to the thai guys there. This man takes his job too serious and thinks he is god. Knobby this is important for you i think: in the case of foreign passports (non-German applicants): copy of the registration confirmation (registration office) / copy of the residence permit. And i think the people in Bangkok dont care if you fly in with a thai visa from germany. Many people make Visa runs to laos, cambodia and vietnam and get their 60days tourist visa´s there. So i think no problem.
  6. Right ! Some agents will sort it out to get around some requirements. (For a fee of course :-) ) Gesendet von meinem Nokia 7 plus mit Tapatalk
  7. Do you stay at the moment in Germany? Why you not get a single or multiple entry tourist visa in a consulate(not by post). I go next week to Frankfurt to get my Non-Immigrant O single entry Visa (good for 90 days). Gesendet von meinem Nokia 7 plus mit Tapatalk
  8. I think you should not have a problem because you have no bad stamp in your passport. They are looking for longtime overstayers. But better stay clean and not overstay on your next trips.
  9. Have fun and enjoy your long stay :-)
  10. Oh, then just download it from another website. Maybe your file have some damage.
  11. Its very easy. You just put an db level in. I use 94db for all songs and it works great. Just download it and you will see it is easy :-)
  12. Download wxmp3gain. With this tool you can adjust the gain for every song. Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk
  13. Take a Non-Immigrant "O" multiple entry" visa. (Only frankfurt and berlin issue this visa in germany). 5000€ in bank account and hotel reservation, flight ticket and you are ready to go. 150€ for the visa. You can also pm me if you have more questions. If you are in germany you can also phone me. have a nice trip :-)
  14. I think customs. They are mostly checking people coming from UAE because the cheap tobacco products there and the fines in thailand are heavy.
  15. For pizza - Bella Italia (2nd road) or Pizza Big in Naklua
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