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  1. Are some guys getting it wrong , I dont belive the jomtiem to bkk airport bus is the same company as bells, I stand corrected if wrong.
  2. THe prices have always gone up around the 9/10 of Dec untill xmas eve then back up again on the 26th and remain high untill about 10th of Jan, Its been the same for many years , as long as i can remember
  3. aot871

    Is It Worth The Moneyß

    I think you will find the cut off date is around the 9th of dec . thats when the increase in fares starts
  4. I would agree with the above from 57chevy and also a lack of smaller a/c to take up the smaller pax load .One of the a/c thai use from lhr is a 380 .( not sure if thats on the day flight or the overnight flight
  5. aot871

    Qatar Airlines.

    Just booked on emirates for last 2 weeks in oct ,,, going out in eccom and back in business splashing out this time. I hope the £ goes up a bit by then
  6. aot871

    Cost of living in Thailand

    I have noted with interest most of the above comments but not many have included health insurance which as one gets older would be my number 1 . My trouble is coming from the UK i am used to having free treatment . A friend of mine who has a pacemaker pays about £4000 a year about £333 a month which at the current exchange rate is approx 172 000 a year or 14000 bht a month for cover in thailand
  7. aot871

    Chang Rai

    Does any one know if you can fly to chang rai , from pattaya ,
  8. aot871

    Qatar Airlines.

    I just looked on net flts webb for oct , just to check prices , and qatar was £688 for the dates and times i wanted , you got a good deal at those prices
  9. aot871

    Finnair Business Class

    All ok,, emirates have 3 flights daily from manchester all are a380 same as the flights from dubia to bkk and return
  10. aot871

    Finnair Business Class

    I just booked on emirates for later on in the year , outbound in eccom back in business
  11. aot871

    Finnair Business Class

    How did you get back to manchester?Did they they put you on the ba suttle ?
  12. aot871

    taxi to pattaya from bkk updates ?

    What would u think is a decent tip for a taxi driver bkk to pattaya ?
  13. aot871

    Qatar Airlines.

    I thought qatar were lying 787 from doha to man
  14. aot871

    A380, A white elephant?

    The reason , BA want RR engines is that all of the new a/c which ba are flying come with RR engines
  15. aot871

    A380, A white elephant?

    BA have been looking at the second hand market for over a yr now , but they must have RR engines which limits the scope , Singapore and Qantas , and I belive one Japanese carrier