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  1. Can confirm. As I was writing in my TR, I didn't finish it. Half the french fries and the salad had to be left behind. The sauce on the ribs is indeed great. Only thing that would make them better, if they removed the silverskin on the backside if the ribs before cooking.
  2. Nice, will visit your bar and will also try out the ribs in the next few days.
  3. I do but I think the owner changed, so it all could be different now. When I ordered last year it was as easy as promised. They called me before the delivery to make sure I'm in my room.
  4. Indeed. Use Chrome or Firefox as your browser and install the 'ublock' (I prefer this one) or 'Adblock Plus' browser extension/add-on. Done.
  5. In the Line app there should be a '+' next to the chat box. If you click on it there should be an option to share your location. I hope that is what you are looking for?
  6. I'd say it's more traditional Thai opening hours. Meaning it's open when it's open and it's closed when it's closed.
  7. I really hope it's not the case. The family is really humble but this wasn't even a shack...you were sitting almost on the street...not a place where I'd go with my girlfriend but the ribs are fantastic and the price can't be beaten. I hope they will continue their business the exact same way!
  8. I found nothing wrong with china southern. Had a 2 stop flight with them this Feb/March. Yes, the Chinese are indeed behaving like little children...very good reference from Nick. The service was okay, the onboard crew was friendly and the planes were much newer than what I had experienced with KLM on the first leg... There wasn't anything I could really rant about. But it's based solely on my experience with the 2 stop round trip flights. I heard on the internet about flights that got cancelled and delayed...but I guess this happens with every airline now and then...
  9. I had an okay experience with them earlier this year. Friendly flight attendants but the english is soso... Food was mediocre. Plane was good. Bord Entertainment...well, bad Touchscreen but otherwise mediocre too. Nothing I could really conplain about. It's by far not the greatest airline in the world but there are many worse. KLM for example....what a shitty old wreck of a plane it was...but thats an other story.
  10. You could try Germany. In the bigger cities there are transsexual scenes. Prostitution is legal. They charge per hour and cost you around 100-150 €. But there are always some questionable locations in this cities with questionable looking "girls" that will do it for 20-50 €... PM me if you need more details.
  11. In my hometown you have to really search for good ribs. Today I stumbled upon this shack as I've been to Sensations. Didn't see this topic before, so I was lucky to find possibly one of the greatest ribs in town on first try. Fall of the bone and very tasty BBQ sauce. I can recommend the garlic bread too.
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