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  1. Thanks Carbanara69. She's a Honey. Never seen her at K's R Us !

  2. As Scottie said, we use bread a lot but not on the pasta. It is almost a crime here LOL Often we use it at the end to wipe the dish from the sauce. Not much classy maybe but sure tasty. True that italian restaurants abroad cater for farang customer base and they 'adjust' the menu for that. Same reason why they add cream to carbonara pasta, another crime if made here. Even the whole egg is too much, only the yolk must be used. Not sayin that it is bad if made in the farang way, but it is quite different
  3. I have eaten pizza both at Pizza Italy and at Volare and I have found them equally good. Looking at the pics posted above, both pizzas look dry, they had probably been in the oven too long. This happens when the oven is not hot enough, it will take longer to cook the base and in the meantime the tomato sauce and the ingredients will dry. Usually this can be the case when it's late in the evening and they are preparing to close. I tend to agree with Mardhi that the italian owner/cook could not have been there that evening. I had a long chat with him (even about food) and saw him while he was preparing my order and he looked pretty competent. First picture from Pizza Italy, the second one from Volare
  4. Green View Hotel behind KrUs is pretty decent, nice and clean rooms. But you could also try to book an additional night at Baku and to arrange for somebody being there at that time for checking you in. It is not that late for Pattaya and some of the guys could still be around
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