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  1. I agree it would be unworkable. It's either a con that I fell for or nearly everyone will be fined taking the 1900 baht cost up to 3500 baht. I know the same fine was imposed on another guy last week but don't know if his accommodation had registered him.
  2. I am staying in the LK Metropole so I know they would have registered me. I also had the paperwork from the hotel (hotel registration and managers ID picture). I had a Thai speaker with me at immigration who confirmed that the officer was adamant that the new rule is you have to personally register yourself at immigration within 3 days of arriving in Thailand or you are fined.
  3. I was fined 1600 baht today as immigration told me that you have to turn up in person to register yourself within 3 days of arriving in Thailand. Is this a con to get money out of you?
  4. Hello Gents, I arrived on a 60 day visa. Next week I will be visiting Jomtien Immigration for a 30 day extension. I have 2 copies of my passport data page, departure card, arrival stamp and visa. I have 1 Photo. I will pick up the hotel confirmation letter that I am staying there. Do I need anything else other than the 1900bt? Thanks in advance
  5. They do a good Chicken Tikka in Retox, Soi Lenkee at a very reasonable price.
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