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  1. Don't put it like that, it takes all the romance out of it... 555
  2. A bad case of Gono in the 80's (NYC of course) made me a permanent convert to rubbers. Never caught anything nasty since. Gono felt like I was pissing fishhooks for 3 days until the meds kicked in. Untreatable fishhook pissing sounds worse than death. "Why does it hurt when I pee?" - Frank Zappa
  3. I caught the norovirus on a cruise with my future ex-wife once. 36 hours of misery, mostly on the shitter. Felt like someone had wire-brushed my asshole afterwards. Back in the day in Olongapo a shipmate caught amebic dysentery. He had the pot munchies one night and ate a bunch of under cooked street kebabs and who knows what else. He was normally a fat fucker but for the next 10 days he laid in his rack, with frequent runs to the head and shit away 18 lbs. I've rarely seen anyone as miserable.
  4. I think we should honor their protest. Because nothing says "Absolute Moral Authority" like a bunch of screeching, menopausal cat ladies who look like John Denver.
  5. Nothing new to add on providers - Skyscanner and Google Flights work great for me also. If your trip is well in the future, my method is to set a few price alerts for specific flights and wait. For instance I set alerts for OneWorld flights (AA, JAL, Cathay) since I use AA for business. Airlines do weird things with prices and sometimes you can catch a good one. Last year in August the Biz Class to BKK for a top notch flight (AA/Cathay) from LAX suddenly fell to ~2500 USD for a December flight which is a bargain. The alert I had set in Google Flights caught it and I was able to pull the trigger. That price was only up for about 36 hours before it went back up $1k, btw. Maybe that was a glitch, but I'm hoping for a repeat this year.
  6. I just remembered - one more thing to be aware of. I was given the choice of breaking the procedure into two appointments, but I went ahead and did it all at once. They had my mouth wide open for about 3 hours, and on top of that were injecting the nerve block/pain shots into my gums. About a week after the procedure, I could barely open my mouth. Trying to open it beyond half an inch or so was very painful. This lasted around 3 weeks and was fucking awful. I had to either chop up my food into very tiny bites, or eat a lot of soup. This is apparently not uncommon, but I wasn't warned about it. It's a form of lockjaw in reaction to the shots and stress on the muscles, from what I understand. So if you can, break it up into separate appointments - you don't want this shit at all. Google "lockjaw after root canal" - lots of info there. But I still recommend the procedure, the new tooth is great.
  7. That sounds very high to me. I had one done here in the U.S. two years ago for $2100 U.S. That included extracting the old tooth, root canal, implant and cap. Around 3 hours total for the procedure. Not positive we're comparing apples to apples as far as our cases go, but I would get a second opinion. As far as how it works - fantastic. My old tooth had been damaged by an impacted wisdom tooth, but the implant is solid as a rock. Glad I did it.
  8. Delta still has quite a few 30+ year old MD-88's in service as far as I know. I was constantly having to fly in those nasty old fuckers around 2013. They came out in the mid 80s I think.
  9. I've used Cialis for a couple of years now. I am 56. I have a script for 10mg tabs, and I've found that 20mg is just about right. That dosage will last me around 30 hours give or take. One of the known side effects is headache, but I only get that maybe 10% of the time. It does give you a diamond-cutter of a boner, but it makes it hard to finish the deed for some reason.
  10. Thanks to all for the input. Out of nowhere, American Airlines now has a $2400 business class to BKK through Hong Kong. I fly AA for business so that will add a big chunk of miles. About to pull the trigger on that one. I got to see Hong Kong when it was still British in 1981. Can't imagine what it's like now but interested to see.
  11. Yeah I've heard some stories about flight delays in China as well as customs issues. EVA is a little high right now (around $5K) but I will watch them. As this is my first trip to LOS I would rather pay extra for Korean Air. A friend of mine consults for the Army in Korea and uses them often with no complaints.
  12. Hello all - I'm down to a couple of airlines for my December trip, Xiamen and Korean. Xiamen is cheaper, and has a nice 1-2-1 business class for around $2400 Anyone try this airline before? I'm flying LAX->BKK. How is the transit through Chinese customs? Thanks
  13. Has anyone tried Air China or China Eastern before? They are the low-ball price at the moment for Business Class in December LAX->BKK at around $2200.
  14. I think they're 1-2-3 in the "Turkish Prison" category, though. I flew United out of Newark for almost all of 2013. I should get a medal. And another rabies booster...
  15. Yeah, I managed to stumble onto that later on. After my first search, I looked on Google Flights and found a few Asian airlines like you mentioned with even better prices. Flights out of LAX seem to have the best selection and prices. Xiamen Airlines (which I had never heard of) has a 787 for $2,350 which is amazing, but has long layovers (9 hours there, 22 hours on the return). I think Hainan and China Eastern came in around $3K, I may look at those again. I'm seriously looking at Korean Air, which is around $3,400. A bit higher, but it's an A380 and the layovers both ways are only 3 hours, although it's 2-2-2 also.
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