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  1. yes thats actually true and if a girl tell me to take a shower before bring her down to the reciption sounds pretty clear what she gonna do in this time so blame it on the alcohol and dont think about it nomore
  2. yeah thats bad. i live here now a while and this LB would never ever confirm that she stole your camera (because she losing her face).... but if u not with her then she will confirm it. that meens if the police or the tourist police show off she would say it to them but never to u. but if something like this happn sure u can contact the police! is always good if u know some guys from the police but if u dont it also doesnt matter because the police will try to help u. its true that the police can charge u or put u in prison if u telling them stuff get stolen for getting the money back home from a injurance company. BUT the thing is u know who stole it so its an other situation and that u get to prison in this situation is just impossible. the worst thing can happn is the police tell you ok she confirm that she stole your camera and she get charged for rubbery but u anyway wont get yout camera back or the money. if its gone then its gone cause they have places where they bring their stolen stuff like pawn shops and they just gone and they wont get it back
  3. Just never ever ever ever fly with an russian airline to thailand! thats the worst thing i ever did!
  4. Hungry :D

    1. icebergjr.


      Just get in that sweet '63 Impala and cruise the soi's for some good eats! BTW-That whip is so nice I might just get a tattoo at your shop just so you'll pick me up and drive me there! I love that car,if you can't already tell!

  5. ok thanks for the answers:D i found i guy now which should be tomorrow 6 am in front of my appartment and bring me a car:D i dont really think this work but ok lets try it hahahahahahaha
  6. hehe yes i know but i want to pick him up and on the way back go to chon buri and sri racha
  7. Hey guys my car break down yesterday but tomorrow my friend is comming and i want to pick him up at the airport. so i need to rent a car from tonight to tomorrow night does anybody can help me? im in pattaya thanks
  8. i spendet last year a good time in flipper house they allowed to take as much girls as i like in my room i just had to pay for breakfast when i was eating there with like 3 LBs hahahaha
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