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  1. Crystalis + Demon Edge = Daedalus. Bumbaclot!

  2. will the real kingslayer please stand up

  3. im surprised by these numbers. my doctor highly recommends everyday and says its dangerous otherwise and will not prescribe me if i dont. 4 a week is dizaster waiting to happen
  4. I saw this the other day https://www.thejakartapost.com/life/2019/05/03/treatment-prevents-sexual-hiv-transmission-among-gay-men-study.html 0 transmission rate for hiv positive who used suppressants and became undetected. Not suggesting anything though in particular to pattaya because u have no idea if the lb is taking retrovirals.
  5. Clinics have no wait time really. I went to MT Interlab, and got seen right away. Nice clean place. And then they emailed my results 5 hours later.
  6. MT Interlab is near bukhao and quite nice place
  7. I don't have HIV, but take PreP (Truvada) to prevent ever getting HIV. I have health insurance in the United States, and it costs $50 for 3 months supply so about $17 USD a month for me.
  8. First time in Pattaya. First time in Thailand actually. Here are some thoughts at a couple of hotels i stayed at. Siam @ Siam: Stayed here 5 nights. 1st night in the standard room, the remaining 4 nights in their Junior King Ocean Front Corner rooms. Really great overall Location: 7/10. Going to walking street a little bit annoying since the hotel is on second road, you have to either walk to first road and take a baht bus, or try to catch a baht bus that loops around at the dolphin (I have been like 0 for 5 in terms of trying to do this). Coming back from walking street is convenient enough though. Area's pretty good for food. In the area is Central Marina with a ton of indoor quality food options, Chinatown for alot of outdoor food options too. Pool: 10/10. Don't need to explain this one Room: 10/10. Love the decor. Would be nice if the toilet had a bit more sound proof privacy. Had a guest over and had some massive diahrea/gas that I couldn't hold in, so i had to blast the sink in order to try and muffle the sound of ass juice flying out of my bum. Breakfast/Executive Lounge: 10/10. Amazing executive lounge. I'm surprised not more people use it. You only need business class or above to get access. Tons of free food and drinks all day and everything is high quality. Breakfast has huge variety and quality and great presentation for all the food. Executive Lounge gets acccess to a private breakfast menu on top of the normal breakfast. Guest Policy: 8/10. Free, but giving it 8, cause they make you come down and sign stuff every time you have a guest. I prefer just sitting in my room. Pretty easy to sneak by the concierge during noon-4pm when they are too busy checking in the boatloads of people that come in every day. Dusit Thani: Stayed here 2 nights in Club King Room. This place doesn't seem to charge for local phone calls. 3 pieces of free Laundry Per Day! Location: 6/10. Located at the dolphin turnaround. Even though this is geographically the farthest from walking street, it actually is surprisingly convenient. Hotels on beach road are easy to get to walking street but not as easy to get back. Similarily, hotels on second road are easy to get back from walking street but hard to get to walking street. However, Dusit Thani lies at the opposite end of the oval from walking street, so both going to and coming back from walking street is one single simple baht bus ride. Main annoyance here is that the parking lot of Dusit Thani is HUGE and is probably the length of a soi to walk through. Also not convenient to get food in the area. Pool: 5/10. Pool looks good from ariel view, but in person the view is kinda shit as even though you are right on the ocean, you have a wall of shrubbery blocking everything. Room: 10/10. Upscale decor. Love the bathroom especially how you can view the shower from the bed. Breakfast/Executive Lounge: 7/10. Club rooms get access to the Club/Executive Lounge. Pretty meh, especially since I was spoiled by Siam@Siam's lounge. Food is noticeably worse. Cocktails is noticeably worse. The view on ocean front is very nice though. You can also avoid the general population check-in and check-out as you get your personal front desk in the lounge. Breakfast was ok, decent options, not as good as Siam's. Also I was the only person there. Guest Policy: 5/10. Still confused about this one. The first 2 ladies i brought came up free of charge. The 3rd lady i brought, they tried to charge me 1000 baht, I complained and got out of paying. I asked different staff around about what exactly the policy is and people were telling me different things. But I believe the official rules is something like 1000 baht for joiners normally. However if you are in a club king room and you check in only yourself, then you are allowed to have 1 guest at a time for free, so in the end I didn't pay any joiner fees. It was still annoying because depending on who was doing front desk, sometimes they'd still attempt to charge me and they have to spend 10 minutes making phone calls before they finally seem to understand the situation and let me go on my way.....Would be nice if their staff had a uniform understanding of the policies. I believe you are out of luck if you didn't upgrade your room to a club room though. Page 10 Stayed here 1 night in the "Superior" room Location: 9/10. On Soi 10. Good central location. Pool: 3/10. Nothing special. Room: 6/10. Bathroom looks Ok. The bedroom furniture is pretty terrible to look at. Especially the TV stand looks like it came from the early 90's. Everything just looks cheap. Breakfast/Executive Lounge: N/A. Room didn't include breakfast. Guest Policy: 10/10. I don't have to leave my room, they just let whoever go up after ID is given. Best possible policy Holiday Inn Stayed here 2 night. They ran out of the King bed room I booked, so they gave me a room with 2 smaller beds however, it was a corner ocean view room, so that was really great. Also the 2 bed setup wasn't bad. Fuck on one, sleep on the other. Location: 8/10. On Soi 1. Right on the beach. Bay Tower is good. Executive Tower is a bit further walk as its more inwards. Pool: 8/10. Nice Infinity Pool with a good view. Room: 8/10. Very solid. Decor is a bit bland. Breakfast/Executive Lounge: N/A. Didn't have access to the lounge and Breakfast wasn't included. Guest Policy: 10/10. The usual but also fairly easy to sneak in people. Intimate Hotel Stayed 1 night in the Executive Suite Location: 9/10. On Soi 12. Good central location. Pool: 3/10. Nothing special. Room: 8/10. I don't know what the normal room looks like but the executive suite room looked fine. Really nice jacuzzi tub. Breakfast: 8/10. Cool breakfast with a guy cooking custom egg station Guest Policy: 10/10. The Usual
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