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  1. You could always go to Jaipur, India. He will even fix your bicycle after fixing your teeth. :Electric Shock: http://youtu.be/WR8tIjTykbE
  2. poplbpat

    Hep A And B

    I got the TwinRix shots last year for Hep A & B. Its a series of 3 shots I got in a travel clinic in the US. You get the 2nd one after a month and the third after 6 months. I got on the accelerated schedule before my trip to Pattaya and had the second one after 7 days. Here is a blurb from the website "Vaccination with hepatitis A and hepatitis B is recommended for all adults who are at risk of getting hepatitis A or B. Risk factors include: having more than one sex partner in 6 months; being a homosexual male; having sexual contact with infected people; having cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis C; using intravenous (IV) drugs; being on dialysis or receiving blood transfusions; working in healthcare or public safety and being exposed to infected blood or body fluids; being in the military or traveling to high-risk areas; and living with a person who has either hepatitis A or B infection." Read more: http://www.drugs.com/mtm/twinrix.html#ixzz0pbq6lUbU Hope this helps.
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