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  1. It's happened to me a couple times, I had assumed incorrectly that the 30 day clock started ticking when you had your passport stamped when entering but it starts at 00:01 on the day you enter. If you have a late arriving flight, say 11:15pm, you will probably be on your second day by the time you leave the airport.
  2. That price is much lower than the average cost in the US for the a complete implant. I live close to Mexico and had an implant done there for $1500, it would have cost me twice that much where I live in the US. Having an implant done in Thailand may not be the best option unless you live there or will be there for a long time. The entire procedure if done correctly can take several appointments over a period of a few months.
  3. The one possible issue with Pattaya Hospital as opposed to a clinic is the wait time. Went there once for an infected cut and it was fairly crowded and had to sit around for awhile, service was good though. The couple of times I've used a clinic there was no waiting, in and out in 15 minutes.
  4. Have a feeling the forum admins wouldn't go along with it although I wouldn't have an issue if a BM wanted to post it as long as they had first hand knowledge of it. But, what's the point if there is no photo? Are we suppose to call him and ask for his photo so we know who he is?
  5. Not all of the airplanes EVA uses between Taipei and BKK have premium economy seats so it's possible that although you paid for a premium economy seat you might get stuck in economy for that leg of the flight. Make sure you verify when booking what you're getting.
  6. EVA use to charge a reasonable premium ~20% over regular economy for their premium economy seat but since switching from 747's to 777's the price for premium economy has constantly gone up so it's about double now. It is a bigger seat and more leg room but not sure it's worth the increase. I usually can find an aisle seat in economy that has an empty seat next to it so I can stretch out and not feel cramped.
  7. H2O Wireless has a Pay Go plan that is pretty good, they use the AT&T network. Load up as much as you need in $10 increments, pay $.05/min for calls including many international destinations.
  8. I think it depends on where the implant is. For a front tooth they probably would for cosmetic reasons. I had an implant done on a rear molar and they only put in a temporary crown after the post had been in place for a few months.
  9. You can't work on a fixed schedule for implants, the time it takes for the post to firmly attach to the bone structure varies from one patient to the next. The dentist will usually wait ~3 months after the post is put in and take an xray then decide if it's OK to proceed or wait. There also can be complications like infections after the new post is put in. I've gotten a lot of dental work done in Thailand but not sure I would do implants unless I was there for an extended time.
  10. As ladypat35 said go to a specialist (dermatologist), surprised your regular doctor didn't recommend it, maybe time for a switch there to. Have to be careful with some of those creams, especially the ones with steroids in them.
  11. There are many that are dumb enough to do it but few if any would admit it.
  12. Just about every dive diner and chain restaurant in the US serves up a steak, some are OK, some are terrible.
  13. You didn't look hard enough. There are plenty of places over here that can give any of the crap served in Pattaya a run for their money.
  14. They do have much tighter restrictions on the amount of Thai currency you're allowed to take out of the country, I believe it's only 50,000baht.
  15. When I was there in February I would often stop for a drinks in the afternoon at one of the Beach Road beer bars around Soi 7 and 8. The police would just stand on the side of Beach Road and wave motor bike riders over one after another all afternoon long. Could never figure out how they selected which ones to pull over, those without helmets were obvious but many of the riders had helmets on, farangs seemed to be the preferred choice . Agree with the above comments about not renting, it doesn't matter what your experience is. The rule of the road in Thailand is the largest vehicle has the right away so motorbikes are at the bottom.
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