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  1. Bumped into Petesie on the same flight from Dubai to Bangkok. It was way overbooked. I was called apart and hoped for an upgrade but even business and first was full. So, they offered me a free R/T ticket if I waited three hours on a later flight. I went back to the lounge, had a few glasses of champagne and three hours later I was in the air again. Thanks Emirates!
  2. Weird story. She is a regular of mine. I barfined her several times in The House and also in Jomtien. I can confirm that she is a pathological liar, but every time sex was great with her. I paid her 1000 baht ST. Highly recommended.
  3. To me there is only one rational answer to your question: the fact that one knows or do not know that a LB is HIV positive should have absolute no effect on our behaviour in Pattaya.
  4. Not entirely true. Emirates has a total of 96 Airbus 380 planes. They have three types. Two of them have a first class section, one is only two class. The two-class plane is assigned to the morning flights EK372 and EK370. The two class planes have upstrairs 68 economy seats upstairs arranged as 2-4-2. All other flights between Dubai and Bangkok have three class planes with 14 first class suites on the upper deck. Can't help it but I booked first class on my next flight. It just so good.
  5. Good one! Only wine aficionados will get it. Emirates occasionly has Yquem in F, this time not, but the Graham 1972 vintage port tasted well with the blue stilton.
  6. It was a promotion mail I could not refuse. Two legs upgraded for half the miles. So it cost me 17.500 miles for one leg with no additional taxes. It also gave me access to the first class lounge in Dubai. I started with a full bottle of Dom Perignon 2006 which is 150 € the bottle in Europe (and over 2000 baht / glass in the Champagne lounge at Silom, Bangkok). Then I tried all the white and red wines. The Hermitages La Chapelle was the best red wine I had on an airplane. It was definitely worth the experience.
  7. I got an upgrade from business to first with Emirates! Excellent wines, caviar and a shower at 30,000 feet.
  8. In more than 15 years flying with Thai, I got only three free operational upgrades (OP). The best one was from C to First on FRA - BKK. Private cabin, Dom Perignon, caviar, lobster .. In six months flying with Emirates I got Gold and soon after, a first upgrade BRU - DBX, Y to C. Emirates changed its OP rules last September: with overbookings in Y they first take the Y flex-plus bookings then the Y flex. Then they upgrade the IO, Platinum, Gold in that order. You have almost no change of an OP now with a saver ticket. I was on a DBX - BKK flight in C last year with a fellow BM who got an upgrade to first on a previous leg. If you want to know how it is like with Emirates, here is a entertaining report:
  9. May I recommend a Thai restaurant which is a bit different? https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g293919-d7235043-Reviews-MAYs_Urban_Thai_Dine_Pattaya-Pattaya_Chonburi_Province.html Classic Thais dishes with a modern twist. A restaurant that respects the Western style of dining. A free amuse geule. First a a starter, then the main dish. Nice utensils and napkins. A starter and a main dish with a drink is about 600 baht. Highly recommended. On Threppasit road, on the left side if you come from Thappraya rd, before Colloseum. 5 I am not involved in this in any way. I just enjoyed my dinner there).
  10. Exactly the same thing happened to me some months ago on the baht bus from Jomtien to South Pattaya. It may be the same gang. She was sitting left from me, putting her bag and her right hand on her lap and using the left one under the bag to get into my trouser pockets. I demonstrativily held on to my S7 in my left pocket, but she remained undisturbed.
  11. Today on Pattaya one Ladyboy suspected of drugging & robbing German arrested by Pattaya Police http://pattayaone.net/pattaya-news/221406/ladyboy-suspected-of-drugging-robbing-german-arrested-by-pattaya-police/ She looks like Poppy to me (ex Toto and Lulu bar). Can someone confirm? I saw her freelancing several times at Jomtien beach Rd. around soi 7 I contemplated more than one time of taking her, but after a short exchange of words, something stopped me. So, my radar still works.
  12. Check our this thread: http://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/topic/19668-served-by-thirty-ladyboys/
  13. On the Passport series there is security software pre-installed. For the Elements series you can download WD security for Windows 7 from the WD web site: http://support.wd.com/product/download.asp?groupid=132&sid=172&lang=en
  14. Small portable hard disk including on-disk encryption software are available from several supliers. A Western Digital 1 GB sells for less than 100 USD and fits in your pocket.
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