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  1. I much prefer flying direct, have been using them for a good few years now. Before that, I did use Eva quite a lot..I prefer Thai though...better flight times for me, plus I prefer the A380s to Eva's 777s. i " normally " book about 4 months before travelling. The last few times I've booked on Thais website...keep checking their fares every couple of days...then when it drops...I book and try to get a good seat. last time I went non direct was with Qatar airlines...maybe 3-5 years ago....they were ..OK...but I much prefer direct flights.
  2. This topic has been done to death! Everybody has different opinions and we all live differently! Accommodation is the main outlay really...after that the girls.. Personally? I have the use of a house.. I have the use of a motorbike...transport isn't expensive in Thailand anyway. While I'm here on holidays...I presume like most..most of my money is spent in bars!! Food is cheap...jeez you can eat BBQ seafood buffets etc for a few hundred baths!! Can eat a mountain of prawns as big as a baby's arm!! As for things to do.? Again we are all different..I hate golf etc....what some people don't seem to realise is....for people who are hoping to retire ( I won't retire here will holiday here maybe twice a year for 5 -6 months in total) here....they will be ? OLDER... so won't want to be jetting around all day every day!! I will of course keep my. House in falang land... health insurance is a must as far as I'm concerned....when/ if time comes...health wise I must go back to falang land...I will of course go...that's the main reason I want to retire earlier...to enjoy thailand for as long as I can!! I won't be going to bars every night fucking ladyboys right left and centre when I retire! Main reason not being money...being my fucking age!!!! For,those who like to/must or whatever spend 1000s of baht a night to keep them happy....carry on, same goes for those who don't spend so much...as long as you are happy yourself? Why give a flying fuck what anybody else thinks??!! Fuck me! I mean we are all fucking ladyboys on here...I have been for years...long before it became "de rigeur". I'm not tall I've held hands with 6 foot plus ladyboys!! I never give a fuck what people think! My life I do what I want.. Same goes for those who spend X or. Y or Z on accommodation/ girls/ food / transport etc...each to their own!! As long as YOU are happy carry on!! I always remember,,,, a good few years ago...I was sat in a beer bar in Soi Diana..some Arab looking guy in robes ( turned out he was Kuwaiti) came into the bar bell like his fucking house was on fire...he didn't even drInk himself? He must have spent thundreds of pounds/dolllars etc....did he look happy ? Like fuck he looked like a miserable sod, didn't even smile....he spent a fortune...fucker wasn't even smiling,,
  3. There are people living on 65,000 baht a month and less! In the U.K ! Everybody is different and live differently... Obviously health insurance is a must as far as I'm concerned, hopefully 3 or 4 years and I can retire. I wil probably spend about 6 months a year in Thailand then. For me and most I'm guessing! As we get older we drink less and party less...th most expensive stuff in Thai is accommodation booze and the girls!
  4. Yes it's 3-4-3 with Thais a380s...nice planes too. And as has already been mentioned, the a380 is used on the mid-day flight, which I prefer...as it gets into Bkk at 6 ish to n the morning. For the return from Bkk, I use the early mornIng flight , again it's an a380.
  5. I just get an international license, every year, from the post office? Costs I think a fiver or a tenner maybe, just need your driving license, a passport type photos. and its done there and then?
  6. I have flown Bangkok to Saigon (ho chi min then!) A few years ago. Newish plane, Not "long haul " I know! I do remember though , it was the quickest Ive EVER! been served food on any plane! Seemed to feed us as soon as we were in the air! Dont know what they would be like long haul. but form thai to vietnam and return? No worries whatsoever!
  7. Ive used MR. T taxis the last couple of times, No fuss, and good drivers too. It cost me 1,000 from Airport to Patts and 900 the other way!
  8. I "normally" book about 4 or 5 months in advance. Im in the U.K. I check at least weekly on the internet for prices, when it looks like a good deal I go ahead and book it! Of course, sods law, sometimes after Ive booked, what I thought was a great price..I may find it cheaper later on! However more often than not...the fare goes up! So look around.......and you will eventually get a "feel"! of when the price is right! I dont think there is a "perfect time" to book your tickets, when you see what you think is a good deal? Book it!
  9. It obviously depends on the date you go as to the price! Its the bloody airport taxes going up and up and up! which makes it so expensive now! Try West East travel in London, I find they usually have the best deals?
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